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If I limit myself to saying that only kids will enjoy playing these games, I would be lying; the content of these games surely has been designed for children, but I confess to enjoying these games while testing them for you.
The 5 websites to play keyboard games online reviewed here are ABCya!, Nitro Type, Fun To Type,, and Primary Games.
Since, we are mainly concerned with keyboard games here, one such game available on this website is Typing Rocket. Fun To Type is the next free website to play keyboard games online that I have chosen to add here. While I was going through the list of games available on this website, I found one game which has been around for a very long time, but is hardly played anymore. All these above-mentioned websites come to you as free and useful options to play keyboard games online. Instead of doing boring and monotonous drills, you will learn or improve touch-typing quickly while playing attractive typing games with the same or even better result.
In a few weeks time, even if you do nothing more than play our games regularly, you will be able to type quickly without errors, and without looking at the keyboard.
Depending on your preferences, you can learn by following one of the ready-made course scenarios included in the program, or choose exercises and games individually.
We advise to start with a short (3-5 minute) introductory exercise for each letter and then move to games to build your skills, but you can omit them altogether moving directly to games.
Both games are incorporated in the typing course, so there appear only the letters you have already learned. Your result depends on the number of letters involved, speed and accuracy, so your score reflects your increasing touch-typing skills.
So even if you neglect our systematic courses, becoming the master of those games, means becoming the Keyboard Master and touch typing expert.

To build the whole picture you must enter all appearing words in time and without mistakes. These free websites serve you well for two purposes: learning to type more efficiently, and acting as a source of entertainment.
The graphics of most of the games available on the websites are of good quality, and with the background music playing in your ears, it surely makes for a good source of entertainment. This is easily one of the most interesting platform that I came across while going through different websites. There is a text written on the screen, and there is a racetrack above it with multiple cars. There are different tabs for different functions like view scorecard, change cars, invite friends and more. There are different games that help you in learning different facets of typing like there are games that help in learning the positions of letters on the keyboard, games that assist in improving your typing speed & accuracy. The name of the website makes it clear that the games are directed only for small kids, who can play these games without requiring to sign up, or go through any other process. Games are a good way of learning something as they make the entire process of learning more inclusive & exciting. You can find keyboard games, letter games, chart games, birthday games, and a lot of games on this website.
The more quickly you type that text, the faster your car moves, and you move ahead in the race. There is no need to sign up for any account, and you can directly start playing by visiting the link given above. While all these games teach you something different, they are all similar to each other on one parameter: providing thorough enjoyment.

There are Sheep flying in the air carrying different letters on their back, and you have to hit the right letters to free them. You can also choose whether you want to learn the whole keyboard or only the part you use most often. These games have been designed with the intent of enticing school children, who can learn a lot through these games.
You will not find multiple games on this platform; instead there is only one game with a lot of features. You have to slice the fruit into two, with a virtual sword, by hitting the letter carried by that particular fruit. You can play with other users of the website or your friends, and win games to build up your profile.
The speed and quantity of fruits keeps multiplying as you move forward, and in between all this virtual bombs carrying letters also rise up, which, on being sliced, explode and put your game to an end.
The pace of the rockets keeps increasing as you move ahead in the game, so be quick and careful.
There are games like Cup Stacking, Easter Bunnies Typing, and more that increase your typing speed & accuracy.

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