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The Digital Pianos from the Yamaha Clavinova CLP series bring perfect piano sound to your home, studio or at your venue. Digital Piano · Yamaha Clavinova CLP-535RNo review for this product available.› Be the first to rate this product! A next-generation piano sound source recorded from a world-class Yamaha full concert grand piano. All the capabilities you want in your first piano, like satisfying touch and sound, will make playing enjoyable.
The grand piano Voices of a Clavinova were obtained by recording the sounds of a Yamaha concert grand piano that led to the creation of the CFX, the piano selected for a performance by the 2010 winner of the famed International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition. 128-note polyphony lets you play without notes dropping-out, especially in dense passages of music.
When you play fast phrases or superimpose chords while pressing the damper pedal, you want to be able to perform without notes dropping out. Clavinovas are provided with distinctive piano voices in addition to the piano voices that offer playing response like that of a concert grand piano. The touch of the Clavinova keyboard has been praised by pianists for a performance feel that makes you forget it's a digital piano. The keyboard must respond perfectly to the touch of your fingers so the notes sound just as you intend. Keys have a long distance to the fulcrum offering easy-to-play touch, even to the base of each key. The keys provide a pleasing touch down to the base, because the distance from the tip of the key to the fulcrum is extremely long. The acoustic system produces acoustic piano sound as if the instrument itself is resonating. Because Yamaha places so much importance on the joy of playing, the speakers, amps and other acoustic systems have been optimized so the player hears nothing but stunning sound during a performance. Volume adjustment is convenient for playing at home, where sometimes others may prefer you play softly. A full selection of basic functions unique to a digital piano such as sound volume adjustment and metronome are provided. In addition to being compact and not requiring tuning, Clavinova models provide volume adjustment and two headphone jacks so you can listen to your children practice or enjoy playing duets in private. Along with the piano voices, Clavinova also offers a wide selection of musical instrument voices, including electric piano as Yamaha's CP1, harpsichord, guitar and strings, which you will find many opportunities to use. Clavinovas have a USB TO DEVICE port for plugging-in USB memory devices and a USB TO HOST port for connecting to a computer via a single USB cable.
The Panel Reveal Key Cover lets you perform with all signs of technology on the control panel discreetly hidden.
A wide selection of songs, scores and other great musical content is available at the Yamaha Online Services website.
The new Clavinovas reduce power consumption as much as 50% from previous models by using high efficiency amplifiers. Unlike other Clavinovas, the CLP480 RW has three built-in amps(Tri-Amp System)to produce a rich, well-defined tone across the entire register.
Its Advanced Wave Memory tone generation used to produce each note of multiple samples of a real grand piano and the Graded Hammer Effect gives each key a natural resistance that increases from the upper to the lower keys. The goal is to achieve the true expressive capability of a grand piano, which can happen only when these three factors are in harmony. The new CLP Series uses the RGE (Real Grand Expression) Sound Engine, the next-generation piano sound source.
The strength of touch varies not only the volume, but also the sound from bright to dark, creating rich expressiveness. A single piano best suited for recording was selected and then tuned to the finest possible condition by a veteran piano tuner.
The Clavinova provides 128-note polyphony so you can enjoy complex works such as those by Liszt or Ravel, which feature numerous pedal presses, with no limitations.
These include a piano for ballads that gently resonates the start-up sound, a piano for jazz that adds depth to the sound, and a piano for popular music with bright, rich sound.

The secret behind this superior touch is the same hammering system and spring-less mechanism as a grand piano. Because the keyboard plays such a critical role, it must allow you to play smoothly and maintain good touch for long periods of time. When playing a piece that uses many black keys, even when you press a white key near its base, the key sinks softly, maintaining the delicate nuances of soft and hard key strokes. These musical instrument-like resonances give the impression that the Clavinova is more acoustic than it is digital. You've probably experienced the fact that when the volume is low, it is difficult to hear treble and bass. You can record with the touch of a button and even do two-track recording, which lets you record the parts for your two hands separately, then play them simultaneously. Dual, which means playing two voices simultaneously, provides a rich sound by overlapping the piano sound with strings.
They provide a way to conveniently store performance data, and transfer other data between your Clavinova and computer or other Clavinovas. These emotion-filled performances are not only perfect for BGM, they can also be used for lessons.
The luxurious polished finish offers a piano-like texture while other color variations complement any room's decor. The coating, which is resistant to scratches as well as to excessive humidity and temperature, is the same as that used to finish grand pianos. Bedeutende Verbesserungen wie die weiterentwickelte Technik der Natural-Wood-Tastatur und das neue 3-Wege-Lautsprechersystem fA?r die volle, authentische Klangwiedergabe machen das Clavinova zu einem Instrument, das Sie lieben werden a€“ vor allem dann, wA¤hrend Sie darauf spielen.
An authentic grand piano sound is produced by the GP soundboard speaker and Yamahas latest RGE sound engine.
The Graded Hammer and Natural Wood keyboard with damper sensor provide a grand piano behavior that is virtually indistinguishable from that of the original instrument.
This digital piano features attractive functions as well as piano-like design and performance. We have not only refined all performance-related elements, we have unified them into a piano capable of reproducing the player's original intentions. It is not only the full realization of the sound, the touch and the pedals, but the application of technologies nurtured by crafting acoustic pianos to perfectly integrate these three elements into a single piano.
It improves upon the Pure CF Sound Engine, which earned high praise in the CVP Series, and lets you enjoy the playing response and expressive capability of a concert grand piano.
Clavinova produces deep resonances by using piano sounds that have been accurately sampling for their entire length. All the sounds were recorded resulting in a sound that displays not only the beauty of each note, but the harmonized sound of a single piano. As your playing improves over the years, your Clavinova will continue to let you make the most of your abilities. To ensure that the sound conforms closely to the genre, adjustment of each piano voice focuses on the resonance, or the sound produced when you lift your finger, and other delicate nuances. Depending on the weight of the hammer, the force of your touch and the natural key return when you release it, the Clavinova faithfully reproduces the keyboard touch of an acoustic piano from the heavy feel in the lower range to the light feel in the higher range. You will even hear the subtle changes that occur according to whether the player begins to press the pedal before or after striking a key. On a Clavinova, however, the Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) function automatically adjusts the sound, so you enjoy proper sound balance even at low volumes. You can listen to them as models, reduce their tempo and play along, or play back only the right hand part so you can practice the left hand part. The CLP Series includes slimline models that fit neatly almost anywhere, and a grand piano-like model with its graceful silhouette.
The coating process is also the same, and results in a beautiful luster thanks to repeated grinding and polishing by piano craftsmen. Erleben Sie die wahre Eleganz und klangliche SchA¶nheit, eines wunderbar ausdrucksvollen Musikinstruments a€“ des CLP-280. The CLP480 also plays XG-compatible data, enabling you to play alongside an orchestra or any backing track.

The result is true grand piano-like expressive capability, which we call "Real Grand Expression." With a beautiful appearance that makes you think of an upright piano and genuinely useful functions, these are digital pianos that refine to a high level everything you want for enjoyable piano performance. This piano produces that exact sound you want through the touch of the keys and the feel of the pedals. It features a new Smooth Release function which can express sound with great clarity, and clearly enunciate staccato notes with the sound of lingering resonance heard when gently lifting your fingers from the keys.
Proprietary technology creates smooth and dynamic changes according to the strength of the touch.
Each time you play, you can immediately enjoy the perfect piano sound without having to make any adjustments.
Also important is Yamaha's unique three-sensor system, which accurately senses and interprets the behavior of the keyboard, just like a grand piano.
This not only lets you play with a natural touch, it greatly improves the stability and durability of the keys.
You can enjoy playing impressionistic pieces, such as those by Debussy or Ravel, where half-pedal expression is important. Additionally, the volume dial automatically makes fine adjustments to overall sound of the speaker system (EQ) at low volume. The models white keys have been crafted from natural wood and are overlaid with Yamahas synthetic ivory, producing a natural finish with added grip, giving a more natural feel and responsive feedback. It succeeds in capturing the essence of a piano performance to create grand piano-like, richly expressive experiences. Additionally, to achieve a performance feel rivaling that of a grand piano, the touch was carefully refined by many pianists who played it and gave their feedback for Yamaha’s research and development.
When playing continuously or with a light trill, techniques used in many pieces such as Fur Elise, you can play with a bright, vivid feel. This ability to adjust volume without losing the rich and balanced sound is an exclusive Yamaha benefit, ensuring you always play with the utmost sound quality. To play the files on a computer, compatible software (such as QuickTime or Windows Media Player) and sound source are required. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible..
The Yamaha CLP480 offers four touch sensitivity modes: light, medium, heavy and fixed, adapting to the players personal style and deftness of touch. By using the USB Audio Recorder, you can record your own performances on to USB flash memory as an audio file.
With three pedals (damper with half pedal effect, sostenuto, soft), the piano is equipped to provide excellent tonal clarity even in the most complex and dense passages. The GP response damper pedal produces a rich acoustic sound, and is ideally suited for flowing arpeggiated passages where precise pedal work is important. The Yamaha CLP480 has a rich acoustic tone that is powered by Yamahas Real Grand Expression sound engine. There is a choice of tone settings, including stereo sustain samples, key-off samples, string resonance, smooth release and damper resonance. A maximum polyphony of 256 notes caters for the demanding pianist, ensuring a distinct clarity throughout dense and complex passages. There are a number of effects including: 5 reverb settings, 3 chorus settings, 7 brilliance settings, 12 DSP settings, IAC (Intelligent Acoustic Control), dual and split functions. There are 16 voice demo tracks and 50 piano tracks preloaded on the Yamaha CLP480, and you can record a maximum of 250 songs and 16 tracks. The CLP480 has transpose, tuning and tempo range settings (in 5 languages), allowing you to play along to your favourite tracks that are written in a different key, or to provide the piano accompaniment for an ensemble. You can record your performance data to USB flash memory as an audio file (WAV) and store it on a computer to track your progress, burn to CD, or even upload to portable media players for listening on the go.

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