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This week, we brought you the five Pinterest accounts you need to be following immediately. Though it's most definitely a statement piece, the color of the melted crayons is stunning. Presenting Natalie La Rose and Somebody featuring Jeremih which was released on January 6, 2015.
When talking about Nicki Minaj, many famous hits come to mind: Hey Mama (with David Guetta), Anaconda, Super Bass, Bed of Lies, Starships and many more. It was originally published in the key of A Minor, however it has been transposed into several other keys such as: +2 B Minor, +3 C Minor, +5 D Minor, +7 E Minor, +9 F# Minor, +10 G Minor.

Nothing really special here, but all colours are on different layers so I can, eg, change the background or the colour of Slick’s jacket without worrying about the piano. The layers meant I could duplicate and experiment on the new layer without losing the original if it didn’t turn out right, I erased too much or lost details I liked or whatever. Black and white overlays–I like texture and a degree of busyness in blank space for balance.
This is The Night Is Still Young which is climbing and making it’s way on Billboard Hot list. Simply select "Send A Tip" below -- and be sure to include the link to the idea, along with your Pinterest account.

Number four would be a pretty decent place to stop for depressing 4-in-the-morning-piano-blues noir, but I didn’t want to lose Slick in the darkity-dark. Plus, I kinda liked having a shout-out to Derse purple in the background while he’s staring down at the black and white keys.

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