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To see the all tutorial with photos click here CLASSIC PIANO TUTORIAL By ANA REMIGIO This was my first attempt at making an elevated piano. To elevate the piano (on legs) you will need a dowel rod a bit larger than the size of the dowel rod that you will use for the bench legs, a hammer and some nails. Place the cake onto the cake board with filling between the two layers and cover it all with a light coat of butter cream.
I covered the cake board (a really thin one) with a little water and white fondant and allow it to harden. 12 – Before attaching to the piano, decorate the top as you fancy…Than use some water or royal icing, I prefer water because it?s so clean, to attach the top to the piano. Hope you enjoy this tutorial, as it?s my first, your feedback will be greatly appreciated!! Easy to follow on screen sheet music with highlighted keys and named notes at the same time on a virtual keyboard.
I’m sure there may be alternative methods for doing these steps but this was the way that worked for me.

I used two cake boards, a round one for the base ( big and strong enough for the entire cake to sit on), and a rectangular ( thinner) one to cut the piano shape (that will be base for the piano) and the piano bench. I cut some strips and glued them to the cake board to look like a real wooden floor that I wanted. After that try to smooth as much as you can, to finish with all that imperfections and give it a more perfect look.
Just swab a little water and place it, as simple as that…For the sides of the keyboard, I did two thick strips and wrapped them like in the photo, to go with the legs of the piano.
To hold the top open you have to use a dowel or a lollipop stick (I used this, because is already white, you don?t have to cover it with fondant). How to play See You Again on piano with sheet music from Fast & Furious 7 by Wiz khalifa featuring Charlie Puth.
I could have darken, to look more real, but I wanted something light, so I left it with the natural color. Now you have the template you did on the beginning, you just have to cut another cake board or cardboard with the piano shape, but shorter, you only need to cover the top not the keyboard.

On the tip of the lollipop stick you have to put a bit of fondant and glue it so that the top of the piano stand firm, or you can do a small wall in the top (cake board) so that the stick fit?s. Charlie Puth a€“ See You Again (Furious 7 Soundtrack) [How To Play On Piano Tutorial]  Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth - Furious 7 - Piano electrA?nico  a™« ORIGINAL - How To Play See You Again Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth Piano Tutorial! Charlie Puth  a™« #2 ORIGINAL - How To Play See You Again Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth Piano Tutorial!

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