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This arrangement of The Can Can Easy Piano Sheet Music and Piano Video Tutorial is a lot of fun to learn to play on the piano.
This Can Can piano video tutorial uses this piece from the beginner piano course Learn Piano Online. July 23, 2014 By: Melanie36 CommentsSteff and I have painted dozens of furniture pieces-dressers, tables, nightstands, chairs and more with very little hesitation.
Notice the bead board on the bottom, I seem to have not taken any pictures of that process. Practice the right hand melody by itself first to become familiar with the music intervals or distances between the notes.
The Can Can piano sheet music has a lot of C Major and G7 broken chord patterns in the left hand.

As you become comfortable enough to play the Can Can sheet music hands together, be sure to start off your hands together practice very slowly. Any student playing this beginner piano sheet will have more success if they always follow the simple rule of practicing hands separately first.  Be sure to review the letter names of the piano keys here if necessary.
An example of a broken chord pattern would be taking the notes of the C Major Chord (C-E-G) and playing the C on the first beat and the E-G (played together) on the following beats of that same measure. The speed you use in your practice should be half the speed you use for your future performance. Using the left hand broken chord practice technique allows you to play along with the left hand as it is performed in the tutorial.  The good thing is that you can repeat it as many times as you need to for fluency before putting your hands together. Follow the instructions for left hand in the piano video lesson below and play along with the video as many times as needed until you feel confident enough to add the right hand melody.

Because Can Can for piano is a very familiar melody and you have always heard it played at a fast tempo you will be tempted to try and play it fast at the very beginning of your practice. Slow, accurate practice of this easy piano song arrangement of The Can Can will definitely pay off in your final performed version of the piece.

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