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Author: admin | Category: Learn Piano Online | 15.08.2015

The only thing that I think could make this app better is a 2nd video line to put things like watermarks or text that will stay constant through multiple clips.
It's easy to use, with both a storyboard for quickly arranging your videos but also has a real timeline for frame-by-frame control of cuts (including a precision trimmer), and you can easily cut to your music. I love the new clean look-and-feel of the app, and particularly like being able to quickly rotate a video 90 degrees to fix orientation problems.

When I emailed this company they got back to me three times within the span of 20 minutes!!
Would love to see a few video effects and some audio editing tools in future updates, but for quick, simple, nice looking video edits, you can't beat it. It's quick and seems fairly stable (I've only had 1-2 crashes but my work was still saved).

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