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I offer piano and keyboard tuition in the Stockbridge, Comely Bank, and New Town areas of Edinburgh. If you’d like to talk about lessons and arrange a free visit with no obligation to go any further, please call me on 07976 249081. Every once in a while, I receive emails from readers wondering if their tuition rates are appropriate.
In my experience when it comes to music lessons, you get what you pay forĀ in most cases — as it should be!
Every teacher needs to determine for themselves a rate that is fair for everyone — the student, other teachers, and themselves. If you are moving to a new area, the problem always is that it takes time to build your studio from scratch. It is better to raise your rates a little each year than to raise them sporadically by a large increase.
Joy Morin is a piano teacher in Perrysburg, Ohio (United States) who enjoys keeping her teaching fresh with new ideas and resources. This entry was posted in improving as a teacher, professional development, studio business and tagged charge, music students, music teacher, piano lessons, piano teachers, setting prices, studio business, tuition rates.
I lowered my rate slightly this past term since we moved onto a street where another piano teacher lives, and also travels to his students’ houses instead of making them come to his. I also offer the first lesson free, as well as the first lesson in January after Christmas break.
I’ve tried charging per lesson as well as per month, and I have to say I prefer the former! I have heard of teachers who sell 6-lesson packages for adult students who can’t commit to weekly lessons. Because of a fixed timetable, adults juggle their lunch breaks to accomodate the lesson as opposed to me being at the beck and call of every student.
I also recommend other (renown) teachers in the area if people cannot afford my fees or cannot slot into my timetable (shift workers etc). I have had a situation where people could not afford (they had been with me for three years) and I chose to reduce their rate as a thank you to them. My yearly financial loss has been less than 1% since I put all details in a studio policy with my expectations. Decide what your ideal teaching schedule is, and then create a calendar and system that will work for you and your studio!

I am putting my fees up for 2015 and notified them when I sent the fourth term accounts out.
When pupils are being prepared for practical exams I will put in a couple of extra lessons at no extra charge if I feel they need them.
I try and keep every thing enjoyable and a pleasant experience, however I do expect a level of commitment from the pupil and the parents. How would you suggest moving from a per-lesson-monthly rate (where I have a “per lesson charge” but tuition for the month is due at the first lesson of the month) to the flat monthly rate? If I ever have a parent verbally question me about paying the full rate for December when they only receive 3 lessons that month, I remind them that there have been previous months where they received 5 lessons. I can’t advise about particular rates because it varies so much by area, but I would encourage you to charge what you are worth and charge enough so that you feel well-paid for a job you are well-dedicated to!
Please double check your phone number, if it is incorrect we will be unable to contact you. We aim to get back to you within the hour, during shop hours (please see store details), to confirm your reservation.
This best-selling Piano course teaches you to play using well-known pop and classical material, including songs by The Beatles and Abba, and music from composers such as Beethoven and Mozart.Step by easy step, this proven course lays a solid musical foundation.
Whether you teach piano part-time or full-time professional documents will benefit your business. Keep organized information regarding student birthdays, hobbies, school schedules, and more.
Systematic teaching method, using interesting and appealing pieces beginners enjoy practising. El libro mas completo para aprender acordes incluye: escalas utilizadas en la construccion de acordes, construccion detallada de los acordes, diferentes posiciones de los acordes y fotografias y diagramas detallados de cada acorde.
Have bought this book to help a 10 year to continue learning and playing piano without taking exams - very visual and good to read with good exercises - plus pupil really enjoys book too!! The only Piano course based throughout on today's popular songs and on famous light classics. I am hopeful that this book, with its clear explanations and good choice of tunes, will be very useful to my granddaughter.
I feel less guilty taking time off when I need it, if I know that I won’t have to charge the students or arrange make-ups when I miss a lesson. I have also been burnt with people not paying so I had to decide what suited me and the prospective students.

I’m still figuring out my current rate for my piano lesson as i just started taking up a few students for piano lesson. If you would like to take Monday holidays off, then I would suggest you be sure to teach on the Monday before Thanksgiving, a Monday during the week of Christmas, etc.
Be sure to do your research so that you will not make the mistake of undercharging anymore — which has shown to be a common mistake among piano teachers. It is important to decide what your desired take-home pay is for the entire year, and then think backwards to figure out what you will need to teach and how many students you will need. Discover the power of technique secrets for artistic performance.This version is the new, anglicised edition. Easy-to-follow text and clear demonstration diagrams enable you to progress in the shortest possible time to advanced playing.
Went out and bought the book, had a great time learning and am looking forward to getting started on the second in the series.
Having moved to a new state a year ago, I had to lower my rates a LITTLE from what I hoped to charge, but like you said will be raising them a bit at a time from here on out. I am guilty of sporadic fee raising, and have come to find out I may be low for my area based on my experience, education, and quality. I took my rates off the policy page of my web site for the time being, while I decide what to do. I love teaching adults, but they’re not necessarily, in that respect, a good business proposition! This being said, my students show progress and enthusiasm and parents are happy to make the financial sacrifice.
Wondering how it works for students who have lessons on Mondays and hit holiday Monday’s?
I only lost one student at that time, and this student was already on the fence about piano in general. If I were in your position, I would make a tuition plan for the next few years for gradually increasing your tuition to the desired rate. Techniques include: how to sit correctly, learning the keys, rhythm, the two staves, staccato and accent, rests and silence, and much more.

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