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I have designed something that I think would be a great tool for teaching piano students and developing skills, but haven't got ANY skills as a computer programmer and could not create a program to make it work.
What I want to do, is create a plugin for use with Open Office, that allows you to use a USB piano keyboard for typing. Whether you are an aspiring concert pianist or just want to play for fun, we have the right teaching program to achieve your goals.
Our tutors will teach the basics to beginners to ensure they realise their full potential as a pianist.
At Castle Hill Music Centre we will teach the finer points of piano playing including articulation. Posture, scales,  aural training, intervals, sight reading, triads, modes, and tritone substitution.
We have helped hundreds of piano students develop solid performance skills and improve their music theory. After practicing with the worksheet and “tagging the gifts”, let your students try unwrapping a gift with this fun filled, fast paced game! Student looks at the number of beats listed on a snowman’s scarf and identifies one note and one rest that receive that number of beats. Teams race to be the first to build a snowman, all the while practicing rhythm and drawing notes and rests. If he did not draw the note or rest 100% correctly, the bell is returned to the center and nobody builds their snowman this round. Eskimo Race is a fun way to reinforce the names of the piano keys after completing the worksheet.
How to play: First complete the worksheet to review the names of the piano keys with the students. When teacher calls out the letter name of a piano key, the first student from each team crawls on their belly (using elbows to move across the floor) and races to be the first to play the correct piano key.
Next to each number, students write the name of the key that has that number of sharps or flats. How to play: First help students complete the worksheet and help them understand the circle of fifths as a useful tool. Encourage students to try to answer from memory, but let them know that they are welcome to to look at their completed worksheet for help. The purpose of this activity is twofold: first to get kids practicing more, and second to expose them to new practice techniques. Students practice the order of sharps as they scramble to get themselves in the correct order. If you are playing with older students who can get themselves in order quickly, you can make the game more challenging by blindfolding every student. Kids practice rhythm by writing the counts beneath each note and rest and drawing the missing bar lines.
Kids earn style points from the ice skating judge as they practice drawing half steps and whole steps on the staff. How to play: First have students complete the ice skating worksheet to review half steps and whole steps. If a student lands on a key with instructions, student moves forward or backward accordingly. If you are playing with a large music class, divide your students into several smaller groups.
Give your student(s) a copy of the worksheet and have the sit so that they can’t see the piano. How to play: This variation is only for students who have learned how to play major and minor triads on the piano.
Students look at the music notes in each example and then draw a line to the interval name.
Next have students trade papers and then write the counts beneath the notes and rests in the paper they received. How to play: Hand out a ring to each student and ask them to place it on the floor in front of themselves. Next ask kids to place their hands on a pentascale and then use those notes to create a melody for their song. Students just play the starting key, sing the next note, and then try to find that next key on the piano. Use the first printable to give students excellent practice using their ear to harmonize a melody.
Next ask your student to play the first measure of the melody with the right hand while the left hand plays one of the primary triads. The second printable can be used if you would like to help a student learn to play from a lead sheet when they may not be ready yet to figure out the chords on their own. Third, help your students internalize music theory through fun application of the principles you’ve taught.
In your “12 Days of Piano Practice”, is there a particular video you had in mind to be watched?
In conjunction with the 2011 Museum Exhibit Resounding Joy: Our Music Heritage, we asked Oblates and friends to share stories of their music experience with the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict. Many told stories of individual lessons, parish school choirs and particularly, the stellar music department at the College of Saint Benedict that shaped so many music graduates.
I believe there was a conspiracy in the Cold Spring Benedictine convent, as the women recommended students for further nurturing in music. I remember Sister Patrice Donohue, Sister Berthel Duepner, Sister Odilia Goeden and Sister Renee LaBelle, all Benedictines, but most of all I remember S. As a novice and first-year junior sister (1959-1961), I had the privilege of being in the Schola under the direction of Sister Urban Gertken.
When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a "Singing Sister." Of course, my mom and dad thought that was pretty special. When I arrived at the College of Saint Benedict in 1962, my heart set on being an elementary teacher, I noticed the sign up for women’s choir.
Throughout this Web site, we provide links to other Web sites, solely for the user's convenience. Hannah Hall has been teaching private piano and violin lessons since 2000, and currently maintains a thriving home studio in southeast Louisville. Hannah believes that beginners deserve the best instrument and the best teacher possible, as this forms their musical ideas and habits for years to come!

In her teaching, Hannah focuses on creating good foundational playing technique, which allows students to perform with ease and beautiful tone.
Writing a motivation letter while applying for a Piano Teacher position will help you distinguish from the other candidates, especially in case employer receives large number of applications.
This application for the position of piano teacher is to know if there is any opening for the position of piano teacher at your music school. I graduated at New Your Music School one year ago, at specialized programme in music theory and piano teaching with specialized focus on advanced level piano lessons for student from different age categories.
If you successfully create a program, I will gladly pay for a Pro Membership for said user. The piano will g ive you an awareness and understanding of  pitch, rhythm, articulation and reading in both treble and bass cleffs and note values. Our tutors provide quality tution for students coming from all over the Hills area, including  Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Winston Hill, Dural, Kellyville and Rouse Hill. A great approach is to first have students complete the worksheet individually and then play the companion game to reinforce the concepts and make learning music fun.
Students take turns rolling the dice and then passing the dice to the next person in the circle. As soon as another student rolls doubles, he then identifies a key signature and then takes the place of the first student–putting on the hat and gloves and then trying to unwrap the gift.
When kids realy undertand how music works, they can have a blast improvising at the piano and creating their own songs. Student then draws the note in one of the buttons of the snowman’s chest, and draws the rest in the other button.
Students then race to be the first to draw the correct note or rest three times on their staff paper and be the one to grab the object.
Game continues, with each team earning points every round, until a team has earned three snowman parts and completed their snowman. Then divide children into two teams and have each team line up across the room from the piano.
The students then go to the back of their team’s line, and the next student from each team takes a turn to race. Kids just spread frosting along the long edges of the grahm cracker and then set it on top of the two candy canes to make a sled. Kids get to try out one new practice technique from the printout each day and place a checkmark or a sticker next to the technique they gried. Students can then complete the bonus sections by tracing and drawing the sharps on the staff.
This can be hilarious, and gives kids great practice with learning how to communicate effectively. If you have less than 7 students, only hand out the number of sharps that corresponds with the number of students. If you are teaching a lage music class, you can divide your students into groups of 7 and have the groups race to see which team is the fastest.
The other students write their answers on their dry erase boards and hold it up for Santa to see. Then hand out the grand staff printouts and ask one student to volunteer to be the judge for the first round. Teacher plays a chord and student listens carefully to determine if the chord is major or minor and circles the answer. Leave a comment below, especially if you know of a song that begins with or has a prominent major seventh!
To finish, students can then clap and count the rhythms they created to hear their rhythm masterpieces!
Teacher calls out a finger number and students pick up the ring and place it on the correct finger. Kids then write the finger numbers on the presents and they’ve just composed their very own Christmas song! The sheet shows which keys are used in the song and also has the starting key highlighted for you.
Students follow this pattern until they get to the end, and before they know it, they’ve figured out an entire Christmas song by ear! One has blank squares where the chord names should go, and the second is a normal lead sheet that lists the chord names.
You are already familiar with how lead sheets work, so teach your student to look at the chord names above each measure and then play those chords with their left hand while the right hand plays the melody.
Kids who use their fundamentals to create songs develop a profound understanding of music that will bring them a lifetime of enjoyment at the piano.
Yes, there is a video to show the kids how to play the piano upside down–so fun and they get super excited to try it out!
So glad these are helpful, and I hope you’ll keep in touch and let me know how it goes as you use them.
I have been trying to think of how to encourage my students to practice over the Christmas break. I know exactly what you mean–kids need some variety and some fun to help them stay motivated. As a private piano tutor the group games are obviously difficult to use as I teach one-to-one but I have adapted some of these for this purpose. I’m sure teachers would love to hear your ideas for adapting the games for a private lesson–I know I would!
The students who learned to play instruments and sing from the Sisters have gone on to become directors, professional musicians, scholars and liturgists. Sister Philothea Hondl, my third grade teacher in 1950-51, allowed me to leave class and walk to the large red brick convent on the hill during school hours for a piano lesson with Sister Audrée Hardgrove.
Because I could carry a tune--not by note, but by ear--she put me next to Sister Dominica Freund, who was a voice major at the time and has a beautiful soprano voice. When I was in the third grade in Wadena, Minn., Sister Ubalda Burfield asked me to join the choir. My background was as bass clarinetist in the Cathedral High School band and organist in my dad’s dance band. By providing these links, we assume no responsibility for, nor do we necessarily endorse these Web sites, their content, or their sponsoring organizations. Her students enjoy multiple performing opportunities throughout the year, including formal recitals in the spring and fall.

Also, the letter helps the employer to sort out the suitable candidates from the endless lists of applicants.
I am fascinated to offer my exceptional training skills and knowledge for the students of your school, as your school posses a valuable reputation in this branch, especially your piano department.
Also, after graduation I worked with Grand and Vertical pianos, giving lessons, but concerts as well. Also, I would be honored if I get opportunity to teach at your school, as the strongest music school in Indiana with modern teaching and educational techniques. For now, if you could just get the Fn, Shift and Space bar to be the three keys to the right of the keyboard layout, that would be GREAT. As soon as a student rolls doubles, she grabs the worksheet and identifies one key signature to the teacher. For example, on the 4 beat snowman, student will draw a whole note in one button and a whole rest in the other button.
Teacher can then quickly check everyone’s answers and reward 1 point for every student who drew the note or rest correctly. Ask the kids to imagine that they are eskimos, out hunting and crawling across the snow as they try to stay hidden. My students were really excited about this activity, and I hope your students enjoy it too! After everyone has shown their answer, Santa gives student the correct answer and then holds up a new flash card. They can use any combinations of notes and rests, but they must stick with their time signature. Give students a head start by helping them figure out what key the song is written in and identifying the primary triads for that key. Ask them which chord they think sounds best in that measure and then have them write their choice in the empty box. I’m working on getting the post ready that fully explains the 12 Days of Piano Practice and includes the video.
I’m so glad these have helped, and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what additional concepts would be helpful. We are so proud of this legacy, that has spread a love of music and the musical heritage of the church far and wide.
I thrust my dollar into her hand and said, "This is to make me brilliant." I don't remember her smiling, but I do remember her answer. As such, she regularly attends bi-annual teacher training workshops through the Suzuki Piano Basics program. Therefore, a motivation letter should be attached to the Resume every time you send an application for a job position.
Having music education since childhood, I have vast knowledge in music principles, history, melody, tempo and beat. When she is correct, she crosses out the keys signature she just identified and then races to put on the hat and gloves and begin unwrapping the gift. This activity gives kids great practice both with their ear training and with playing triads!
This gives kids excellent practice with reasoning out note values and drawing notes and rests.
Then teacher calls out a new finger number and students move the ring to the correct finger.
Something fun and different that will hopefully get them to practice a little until I see them in January.
I just had some students turn in their completed “12 Days” and their lessons were awesome!
I only logged on to your website yesterday and the printable sheets I used in the afternoon were very well received by pupils! I was one of five boys in this Pfannenstein family and the nuns often had us serve at the Sunday afternoon Vespers.
I think that I was in seventh grade when she told my mother that she wanted to enter me in a music competition. During those years I learned about punctums and all those other wonderful Latin terms from the Liber Usualis. The music wing was filled with joy; happy sounds wafting from Sister Ellen Cotone's and Sister Maranatha Renner's studios. My friends and I were standing in the hall listening to another student audition in Sister Dolores Super’s office. Hannah serves as pianist for various churches in Louisville and as accompanist for soloists and other musical groups.
If you have any further questions regarding my application, please feel free to contact me via mail or telephone. They passed off their pieces incredibly well, and had done extra things since they were spending so much time practicing. I have laminated some to save on printing costs, which can obviously be used with a wipe-clean pen and I’m looking forward to utilizing the Halloween and Christmas resources later in the year. Some of the things I remember are playing duets for the students as they left school for lunch and then again after school. It was then that I decided to save myself the embarrassment and bolt while there was still time. This proved to be an eye opener for Mike as his students rallied round and, I hope gave him encouragement to continue. Then in 1949, we moved to Sauk Rapids and I again joined the choir with Sister Mary Conrad Buttweiler and belonged until I married and moved to St Cloud.
Thankfully Mike is uplifted by the various comments made and would appear to still be in business. I still purchase from Mike and at least two other tutors on of which is a guy called Griff Hamlin. My lessons were one dollar and I had to get a babysitting job on the weekends to earn a dollar for my lesson. This has not stopped my apparent need to purchase the progressing collection of material towards my love which is blues music.

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