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Turn Your Love Of Playing Piano Into A Good Living By Becoming A Piano Teacher in your community! Piano: Making a Living & Loving It,a€? and it includes all the tips, tricks and techniques youa€™ll need to set up your piano teaching business, starting today! Helpful templates you can print, copy or modify as neededa€”for Assignment Sheets and Lesson Calendars, etc. If you ever see a child student becoming overwhelmed during individual lessons, these games can help make learning fun. Wea€™re so excited to get this amazing piano-teaching digital book in your hands, wea€™re offering an especially sweet deal for a very limited time. Or, for a limited time, you can order the Ebook PLUS MP3 audio files (you can listen to the book with mp3 files) for just $39.
Whatever works best for you, we just want to make sure you have the chance to enjoy this amazing package of tips, tricks and techniques on how to make a good living as a successful piano teachera€”just like youa€™ve always dreamed.

Piano Kids Need to Know What those Ticks Mean:  Setting a metronome to tick away incessantly in the background while your piano students play, without having them understand what each tick means, will do nothing but annoy them and eventually cause them to simply tune it out. Great idea to have students move something besides their fingers to the tick of the metronome.
I have found that a critical element in teaching metronome use is to start using it from day one. Private lesson students do similar activities, in addition to using the metronome with their songs. My students generally HATE the metronome… but absolutely LOVE playing with a drum loop!
Pro-metronome is a great app to use…its free and now that I have an Ipad, the kids love seeing the giant metronome on my piano. I’m pretty sure they would love to practice to Petronome, which is a metronome in where you can select and play along with different animals to keep your beat in time.

I use GarageBand all the time during lessons and will just turn on one of the prerecorded drum loops – especially great for putting some hip-hop into Hanon!
In the past 10 years, Ia€™ve been fortunate enough to teach thousands of piano players worldwide, ranging from 3 to 91 years old.
And, as an accomplished player for over 30 years, my DVD courses have been sold in more than 90 countries.
More importantly, through this EBook, Ia€™m fully dedicated to helping you reach your goals as quickly and easily as possible. And now, with this exclusive package, I can show you how YOU can become a successful piano teacher, too!

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