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View DetailsItem is in good working condition with normal wear from use -- minor scuffs on bottom and side. During my get-acquainted session with the Miracle, I discovered the system is easy to set up!
The first thing you discover is that the Miracle can sound like anything from a church organ to a set of jungle drums. The software that comes with the system is your piano teacher -- complete with an estimated eight to twelve months worth of lessons (depending on how fast you learn and what your level of experience is).
If you get bored with the normal lessons, you've got a couple of other practice alternatives in the "Practice Room". November 22, 2011 : By TrevorTeaching piano students to play with expression can sometimes feel like teaching a cat to fetch. If you have anything to add, or have another game for teaching dynamics to your piano students, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. In addition to our daily piano teaching tips, Andrea and I have written a fantastic piano teaching guide that has helped teachers all over the globe build successful piano teaching studios. The lessons begin with the absolute basics -- get to know your keyboard, what fingers go where, and the names of the different keys.

This section of the program lets you choose between playing one of the many pieces in the lessons (from "Canon in D" to "Hound Dog") accompanied by the Toolworks Orchestra (and they make even me sound good!), Practicing Rhythms, Practicing Notes, Having the Piano demonstrate the Piece, and then, of course Robo-Man and Shooting Gallery!
And of course, once I get that good I can use my Miracle piano with any sheet music I like. Since you do have a musical background, you can give them a good foundation, and there will hopefully be the option of continuing with another teacher who can take them further, if the interest is there later. At frequent intervals, use your noise-maker to signal the student playing to stop playing immediately.
Those who are listening secretly write down what dynamic marking they think was being played at the exact moment the student was stopped.
After everyone has had a turn performing (and being interrupted regularly by the buzzer) add up the points.
If you want to learn more about our guide, Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers, click the link below. As time goes by the lessons grow more and more challenging -- you learn rhythm, how to read music, and, when I cheated and peeked ahead, lessons about things such as sharps, flats, musical notation, and accidentals.
Hey, maybe I'll even present my first recital, sweaty palms and all, during the lunch hour at the offices -- now that would be a Miracle indeed.

You even learn to play complicated pieces that at this point in time look like a strange foreign language. Each lesson starts with a description of what's to be learned, often accompanied by a demo of how it's supposed to sound.
Robo-Man is a robot who helps you develop rhythm by motoring along a conveyer belt and banging objects with his head when you hit a key on the keyboard.
Ducks fly across a music staff, and you shoot them by hitting the corresponding note on the keyboard. Plus, I missed the human touch and the motivation of having a mean old piano teacher staring over my shoulder.

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