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Having come from a high-pressure, formal music college, at the beginning of my teaching career I disliked the idea of any labeling for any age, either on the keys or in the sheet music. My professional opinion is that labeling the piano keys with coded colors is superior to labeling with letter names or with images of a note’s location on the music staff. Below is an example of how you can label your keys with letter names on simple, blank circle stickers from any major office supply retailer. Finally, with the guidance of a piano teacher, students can be weaned away from the labels by gradually removing them, perhaps two or three every week. I agree that labels can be useful, but the most important aspect is not leaving them on too long – as soon as familiarity is attained they should be removed.
I have worked with very young students for over 15 years and working with the-year-olds in kindergarten for the past six years, I’ve come to understand that children learn by replacing old knowledge with new knowledge and relating the unfamiliar with the familiar. I use the analogy of a child going in the lunch room with a hundred other kids on the first day of school. Overstringing, first used in the 1850s, gives longer bass strings providing richer sounding, truer bass notes as well as a more sturdy construction. Virtually all grand pianos made since around 1900 are overstrung, and they exist in lengths from around 4ft to over 9ft. And I had previously spent years teaching myself music on the piano, labeling notes on the page with their letter names.

All three kinds of labeling encourage memorization, but with color coding, the labeling becomes not such a big crutch. What you see here, the letters C through C, should be repeated all the way up the keyboard. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.
These terms describe the layout of the stringing and the position of the dampers within the mechanism of the piano. Also the bridge, which transmits the string vibrations to the soundboard, does its job much more effectively as it is further from the edge of the soundboard. The smaller sizes are inevitably somewhat lacking in tonal quality and for serious playing a good upright would be a far better choice. By age six the child has already developed cognitive and fine motor skills needed to start instrumental music lessons. It would take me forever to learn a piece of music, because the labeling caused me to focus on individual notes instead of larger chunks of music, like chords. In the meantime, though, for young children up to about age 10, for beginning adult students, and for any student who finds him or herself feeling frustrated over which key is which, labeling your piano keys may help you learn faster. You still have to remember other descriptions of the note that you’re reading and playing. She is a graduate of the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, and has performed with the New York and Royal Philharmonics, the New Jersey and Virginia Symphonies, the American Boy Choir, and the internationally renowned opera star Andrea Bocelli.

Here we describe the main types you will come across, which ones are recommended and why…. These were much less effective than underdampers which operate further from the end of the strings and hence cut the sound off more cleanly.
As a young piano teacher, I was afraid that labeling piano keys would handicap my students in a similar way. Also the linkage that lifts the dampers gives the action a different feel, so for these reasons underdamping is always preferable. If looking to buy a grand piano, the main factors to consider are the build quality, type of action, tonal quality, size and condition.
Over the years, however, the non-academic reality of teaching students of all ages and meeting their challenges has set in. Labeling with images of a note’s location on the music staff, in my opinion, handicaps a student.
Science has shown that people with the greatest memories memorize in that way, so I’d rather my students learn where all of the Cs are, where all of the Gs are, and so on, and not to focus primarily on where each individual note is on the music staff.

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