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I have recently become the Co-Organiser of the London South region of EPTA-UK, a professional organisation for piano teachers, performers and enthusiasts.
The aims of EPTA UK are to promote excellence in piano teaching and performance, to bring teachers and performers together and to raise standards within the profession.
The Piano Teachers’ Course is led by Director Lucinda Mackworth-Young and supported by a quartet of Principal Tutors: long-term course tutors Sally Cathcart and Heli Ignatius-Fleet and joining for the first time for PTC 2013-14, Roshan Magub and Graham Fitch.
This entry was posted in Associations, EPTA-UK, News, Professional Membership and tagged EPTA-UK Professional Membership, Graham Fitch, The Piano Teachers’ Course. Hannah Hall has been teaching private piano and violin lessons since 2000, and currently maintains a thriving home studio in southeast Louisville. Hannah believes that beginners deserve the best instrument and the best teacher possible, as this forms their musical ideas and habits for years to come! In her teaching, Hannah focuses on creating good foundational playing technique, which allows students to perform with ease and beautiful tone. Instructors teach lessons in student homes and at our Fishtown studio for all instruments and voice.
Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Cello, Drums, Bass, Clarinet, Saxophone, Ukulele, Banjo, Trumpet, Trombone, and Flute. Philly Music Lessons specializes in connecting students of all ages and skill levels with great teachers in the Philadelphia and Main Line area.
We have instructors for guitar, bass, piano, drums, cello, violin, voice, ukulele, banjo, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, upright bass, and more. Whether you want to learn how to read music, or just play along with your favorite songs, our teachers will take a customized approach, and create the perfect lesson plan for you.
Whether you're a complete beginner, or have been singing for years, voice lessons can be an eye opening experience.
Increase your knowledge of upright bass (double bass), or learn this string instrument as a beginner. Learn how to read music, proper breathing technique and the standard repertoire, all while gaining the skills necessary to perform in an orchestra or ensemble. Learn how to read music, proper embouchure and breathing techniques, all while gaining the skills necessary to perform in an orchestra or ensemble. From beginners to advanced, we will teach the fundamentals of playing woodwind instruments, including proper breath control, tone and technique. Kids will learn rock repertoire, play in a band, record in the studio and walk away with a professional quality recording.
No matter how much conversation occurs, the best way for your teacher to get to know your voice is to hear it! Because the voice is an instrument you can’t see, oftentimes voice teachers will use metaphors or imagery to explain technical concepts. It can be tempting to come into your first voice lessons wanting to be able to sing your favorite song like a pro by the end of them. If you’re still a bit nervous, just remember one more thing: your new voice teacher was once a brand new student, too. Our Spring drum class (Rhythm and Beats), our Ukulele Class, and our Music Exploration Class have sadly ended for the season. If you are a piano teacher: comment below if you agree, disagree, or have other suggestions or ideas.
About Latest Posts SaraSara is a speaker, writer, triathlete, and 100 lb weight loss success story. 7 Comments About SaraSara is a speaker, writer, triathlete, and 100 lb weight loss success story. EPTA – European Piano Teachers Association, UK Ltd was founded in 1978 by Carola Grindea. Her students enjoy multiple performing opportunities throughout the year, including formal recitals in the spring and fall. We recognize there are endless reasons for learning music, and our teachers are encouraged to cultivate unique lessons based on the interests, needs, and learning styles of each individual.

Working from tabs or standard notation, beginners will be able to follow along with their favorite songs in no time.
Advanced students can learn jazz theory, dixie land melodies, and more in depth orchestral pieces.
Babies (0-3) join weekly classes in Fishtown, occurring weekday mornings and select Saturdays throughout the year. Classes for both kids and adults focus on a variety of beginning techniques and repertoire. Our core instructors have backgrounds in a variety of musical styles - jazz, classical, bluegrass, rock, blues, and more. It can be scary to open up and sing for a new person, especially when you don’t know what it’s going to be like. Therefore, your teacher will want to take some time to get to know you, your past musical experiences, and your goals for voice lessons to ensure that they have the best understanding of your voice they possibly can.
They will probably take you through a set of vocal exercises to get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses. You probably started taking voice lessons because you love to sing, but you’ll find that each individual lesson itself can be a fun and rewarding experience. As long as you let their experience guide you, you’ll have a great start to a wonderful and lifelong musical journey. Jeff and I are cousins and life-long friends, and I believe you will enjoy our friendly banter. Sara and her husband Mike are parents to 5 children by birth and special needs adoption, and were foster parents to 35 others. No time to practice, not enough money for lessons, or even worse, think you're too old? The idea that my piano student spent the time, effort and money to give me a gift means a lot to me. As such, she regularly attends bi-annual teacher training workshops through the Suzuki Piano Basics program. We offer in-home lessons throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area and the Main Line, and also offer lessons and group classes at our Fishtown location.
Students have access to full upright pianos, drum sets, amps, and recording capabilities at our studio. Big kids (4-6) join exploratory group music classes - Hands-on exploration with ukuleles, drums, and piano.
For my trial lesson, I was paired with Joe, whose easy going attitude put me at ease right away. He has a unique ability to engage our daughter with the instrument, firmly grounding her in classical piano technique while exploring the singer-songwriter genre.
With methods ranging from ear-training and intuitive playing to advanced studies in notation and music theory, our lessons provide thoughtful and fun guidance. To help you prepare for your upcoming journey, here are some things you can expect in your first voice lessons. Developing good posture, breath control, and vocal clarity are crucial to healthy singing in the long run. If you come in with an open mind and ready to learn, you’ll have a great time with voice lessons.
Oh my goodness — I cannot believe we didn’t have Jeff do any piano playing on this! Hannah serves as pianist for various churches in Louisville and as accompanist for soloists and other musical groups. His respect for her musical voice and style is something that I have not always experienced with other teachers.
A broad range of experience allows our teachers to creatively prepare students for performance, collaboration, composition, and more. Your voice teacher’s primary goal is to make sure you can continue to sing well outside of the studio, and understanding directions is important to that.

Therefore, it is important to practice the exercises and songs your teacher assigns you to get you to your goals. So what is the perfect Holiday gift for a piano teacher?To answer this question, I decided to ask my fellow piano teachers to see what they considered to be the perfect Holiday gift. He knows how to make the most of her abilities, while consistently coaching her to a higher level. I had my computer’s and podcasts volume all the way up and still had problems hearing it.
Joe was willing to work with me to determine a day and time and frequency of lesson that worked with his open availability and fit into my busy schedule. Just make sure that you don’t get so bogged down in asking questions that you forget to sing!
This community of piano teachers has 819 members from all across the United States, Canada and all over the world.Restaurant Gift CardsHands down, the gift that scored the highest among piano teachers was restaurant gift cards.
Joe encouraged me to explore learning to play chord based piano to expand my repertoire to include more contemporary music.
Since many piano teachers are on a very limited budget, they loved having the opportunity to go out to eat at a restaurant. Although it has been a challenge to learn a new style of playing, it has been really rewarding and fun. He also uses technology where appropriate, employing a mobile device to play back songs that our daughter is learning, working with her to interpret them for the piano.
I’m glad I chose to take lessons with Philly Music Lessons and would highly recommend Joe as an instructor. The idea of not having to cook when they are finished teaching piano lessons is a wonderful gift.
I would recommend Joe and this school to anyone who is interested in nurturing their unique talent and bringing it to a performance level.
Most piano teachers said they preferred the casual sit-down restaurants which could be enjoyed with their entire family.Bookstore Gift CardsThe next runner up for the perfect holiday gift was a gift certificate to a bookstore.
A gift certificate from places such as Barnes and Noble, Borders Bookstore or Amazon gives piano teachers a wide variety of items to choose from.Prepaid Credit CardsAnother favorite among piano teachers are the prepaid credit cards. These cards allow the piano teacher to use the gift at any place which accepts credit cards.Coffee Shop Gift CardsMany of the coffee drinkers rated Coffee Shop Gift Cards as their favorite choice for Holiday gifts.
I personally don’t drink coffee, but could always find something else to purchase at a coffee shop. You might want to check your teacher’s studio to see if there are any coffee cups around. With the majority of piano teachers being women, you can bet there are a lot of chocolate craving piano teachers out there.
The tricky thing is knowing whether or not your piano teacher is on a diet or has food allergies. Usually chocolate lovers love to bring up their addiction to chocolate!Department Store Gift CardsDepartment store gift cards were also favored by some piano teachers. One teacher said a Target gift card would be her ultimate gift since she does most of her shopping there.Ornaments and KnickknacksOne gift which showed up on both the favorites and the least favorite list was Christmas ornaments and musical knickknacks.
Some teachers said they already had too many Christmas ornaments and musical knickknacks cluttering up their studios. Some piano teachers still treasure Christmas ornaments which were given to them by students thirty years ago.
Another teacher collects miniature piano figurines so she loves receiving these as gifts.ClothingWhile gift cards for clothing stores rated high, giving actual pieces of clothing scored low. Oct 31st, 2015 Saint Louis Zoo – Approaches To Save During Your Visit that is Free Sat.

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