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October 9, 2011 : By TrevorUnbeknownst to many outside the piano teaching world, piano teachers don’t start work the moment a student walks through the door. If you supply piano books for your students, you should definitely be putting a mark-up on the materials… if only to cover your time driving to and from the music store. At least once a month your piano students should have the opportunity to perform in front of other piano students. Like piano playing, composing is an art in itself that requires time beyond a standard piano lesson.
The “rock band” concept isn’t as easy for piano teachers as it is for guitar teachers.
This is along the same vein as teaching piano to homeschoolers; that is, preschoolers have more flexibility in their schedule, which will allow you to teach piano at times when you normally could not have thus increasing your potential for income-earning hours. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but teaching piano lessons in a student’s home affords the opportunity to charge a higher lesson rate. For those piano teachers who are vocally gifted, consider offering an add-on program to teach your students to accompany themselves as they sing. This opportunity may vary from region to region, but in Canada, private schools often seek out private piano teachers to offer piano lessons to their students on campus. Andrea and I grew our music school from 30 students to 300 in a little over 3 years, proving it is possible for piano teachers to make a fantastic salary. Average Music Teacher salaries for job postings nationwide are 60% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.
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Hi, I'm Valerie and welcome to my piano website which I share ideas on teaching and learning the piano. My Piano StudioIf you're interested to learn start learning to play the piano, I do offer piano lessons in Singapore. Annie is my first piano teacher back in Hong Kong and now I enjoy playing the piano with her whenever I met up with her. The Happy Violinist is a violin lessons agency that help students look for violin teachers If you are looking for violin teachers in Singapore, submit your enquiry! In Singapore, especially in this ‘kiasu’ (scared-to-lose) culture, parents send their kids to multiple enrichment classes as young as 3 years old. When we see all these around us, we will always think “Wow, what did I do when I’m at that age?” , “Why didn’t I learn something when I was young?”, and it will slowly lead to “It’s too late to learn piano now as I’m not young anymore”.
In fact, I’m going to tell you why you will learn piano faster and better than a child, even if you have ZERO music background.
You’ve been though school, and you’re probably okay with sitting and paying attention for 20 to 30 minutes. You know that if you want to achieve a goal, you need to put in hard work, and practice consistently. You would have love some classical or pop songs, and that’s why you’re interested in learning piano.
You may have completed school, but you may have to work, or juggle family and personal time.
Many adult learners will say that their fingers are not as flexible as the kids, hence, they may not move as fast, or play as good as kids. You want to learn the piano, but you think that you may not be able to play it, because you think you’re tone-deaf.
So if you really want to learn the piano, throw out all these pre-conceived ideas about yourself that holds you back from learning the piano well. When you do lessons with a private piano teacher, the teacher knows you better, as compared to group lessons in a school.
So if you are looking for lessons that catered to your needs, go for private piano lessons. To add on to the above point, if you are having one to one piano lessons, your teacher can teach you different things outside the curriculum. A private piano teacher can choose to teach you the new song first, before moving back to the curriculum.
If you have a private piano teacher, when you shift lessons during the week, most teachers are okay to do makeup for you. If your teacher is experienced, he can get his students come together for a musical performance for all his students. It’s not a competition among students, but is more of a performance to showcase what you have learned. Some schools organize recitals too, but some schools can be too caught up with pushing students for exams that they neglect all these performance opportunities. I’m glad that after a year in teaching, I can inspire them to go up the stage to perform for their loved ones.

Most of the time, when students come to practice a song that they have learnt, they can do it without much difficulty. However, everything will be different when it is about performing, even if it is performing the same song. If performing is that scary, why do we still want to organize a concert to put them in a spot? You were not my first and you will not be the last, but what you gave me was beyond all I could ask. Not everyone will understand how I feel about you but for sure you hold a special place in my heart, you grew up with me and have seen me through my ups and downs for the past 18 years. Dad first brought you home without knowing if my interest in you would be for the long term, he kind of took a risk in that but it’s all for the better. It’s about a week since you’re gone, the empty corridor always reminds me of you, the bright tones you have, how good you sound even though you’re 18 years old. It was definitely a hard decision to let you go because it’s like letting a big part of my life go…but I hope you will be well loved by your new owner somewhere out there. Here’s my song dedicating to you, the music resembles our journey through the years, how we started small and young, as we grew together we experience more depth and joy and towards the end of the music, how you’re going away but it ends on a solid note, just like saying that you are always here. I was in a dead end job for 2.5 years and while in that job I started part time teaching, working seven days a week for close to a year. When my part time income was equal to my take home salary I decided it was the time to go, my ship was now ready to sail.
Thank God for Your grace on days when I feel that I can’t go on anymore and for directing my steps as I walk this journey. Thank my students & their parents for giving me the opportunity to teach, the welcoming smiles I get whenever I step into your homes or when I open the door and you walk in with a big smile.
Thank you for the encouragement from friends and teachers in my life who have inspired me to be like them.
Thank you for my parents and brother who supported me this major decision of my life to pursue what I want to do. Last but definitely not least, thank you for the love of my life who has never failed in listening to the complaints of my previous job and gave me a dream come true. I don’t think I need to promote this song further, as it is one of the most popular songs right now! Meanwhile, for the first 2 months of this year, I’m also working with primary and secondary school choirs as their piano accompanists, on top of my own piano students. Auld Lang Syne is first written in 1788 by Robert Burns, and was traditionally being used to celebrate the start of a new year as the clock strikes 12. Hours of planning and preparation go into each and every half hour lesson a piano teacher teaches. Or… we could remember that, unlike other professions, we have 100% control over our income. Take advantage of the flexibility of homeschool families and make more money by teaching piano during the day. Master classes provide a venue for performance practice, listening practice, and community bonding plus power of group fees means more money for less time. Our preschool piano program is free to offer giving you the ability to quickly add this program to your studio with no financial risk. Protect the money you earn with professional help that can recognize ALL of the expenses necessary to run a piano studio.
If you are comfortable with this piano teaching format, and you are needing to increase your teaching hours, parents often appreciate the convenience factor and will be more likely to sign up for lessons. Students can choose to increase their lesson time by 15 minutes or even add on a second lesson per week.
The problem with teaching family members is that when one is off, the whole lot are usually off.
I'm a piano teacher in Singapore, and I hope by sharing my tips and ideas on learning the piano here, I can help more people to play the piano better! When you know how to play the piano, you can play any music you like, you can play when you are stressed, you can play when you are happy, and if you like, you can also play for others. Often, you will see awesome videos of young children winning piano competitions, or playing incredibly difficult pieces at a very young age of 4 to 5 years old. They are really good in their playing, and they will become world-class pianists in no time. In my experience of teaching adults, I can say that 90% of adult learners are self-motivated to learn and practice. Hence, if you want to learn the piano, do set a fixed time and day of the week for lesson, and commit to it. The constant movement and finger exercises in your piano lessons will get your joints loosen up and be more flexible.

You attended a few piano lessons, and you realise you took some time to understand some musical notes and playing. Kids don’t think that way, because they don’t know if they are not talented, or if they are slow learner. You can sign up for a piano class in a music school like Yamaha or Cristofori, or go for piano lessons with a private piano teacher.  For classes in music schools, there can be individual or group piano classes, and in private lessons, it is usually one-to-one lessons with the teacher. When the teacher knows you well, he or she can design the lessons in a way that help you learn better.
There is curriculum to follow, and the school may not allow their teachers to deviate too far from the main syllabus. Say It With Music 2014  is a students’ concert in which we give them a stage for them to gain confidence and exposure in performing in front of a crowd. Whether or not that performance was perfect isn’t the most important thing, the fact that everyone had something to take home from this event makes it memorable. Sometimes it can be a pain to teach especially when I need to vary my teaching style as not everybody learns the same way as I do But nonetheless, a good challenge for me to think of creative ways to teach.
When even a child as young as 4 years old understands what I teach and is able to recognise the notes, the joy that comes from it is indescribable. Honestly speaking I did wanted to go into finance industry like my dad but it wasn’t my cup of tea. Thank you for your love,your encouragement, your support and the things that you did for me behind-the-scenes. Things have been going well so far, and I can say it’s a whole new experience for me teaching music to one student, and teaching to one group of 40 students. And yet a piano teacher salary is based solely on teaching hours; prep time is apparently “off the clock”. Some clever niche marketing and attention to word-of-mouth generating events in your studio are great ways to break into this market. Plus… it also allows you to reach a market in your area that may be previously un-touched! If you're looking for violin teacher in Singapore, drop Marcus a message at his violin site here! After having giving piano lessons in Singapore for more than 7 years, I realized that piano is an instrument that is loved by all ages! When you see so many kids attending piano lessons, the common assumption would be that ‘piano lessons are for kids’.
Hence, as adults, you’re likely to learn faster than kids as you have less of these discipline issues. And since it is one-to-one, anytime you want the teacher to slow down the teachings, it can be done.
On the other hand, you may want to learn faster, but your teacher can’t go fast because of other students in the class.
If you are looking to start piano lessons, you can check out Valerie Piano Studio, where I conduct home piano studios at my place in the east. How about the audience? What more could be better than having the support of our loved ones to watch us play? And that can only be done if we give them a stage to do so, and not countless of hours of practicing without a single minute of stage time. I hardly experience this kind of joy when I was in my previous job dealing with bankers and businessmen. Piano is usually played solo but the amazing thing is, it can make better music when played together with another instrument! If the thought of yearly increases is too scary, consider a slightly higher increase once every two years. I have taught kids of 5 years old, and adults of 60 years old and above, their first piano lesson. And needless to say, if you’re learning to play songs you love, you will naturally love to practice and play it perfectly.
It’s because it is entirely possible for anyone to learn piano at any age, and we’ve seen many adults of all ages fulfil their childhood dream of playing the piano.
If you’d like me to recommend other private piano teachers to you, you can send in your request too!

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