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Having not read very much of what was required of me in High School, I wound up picking up the reading obsession later on in life. The tangibility of the past is carved into marble and mountain, slathered on ceilings, cave-walls and canvas and inscribed onto stone, linen and paper. Apart from the amazing cast, which is always the case with Wes Anderson’s films, the plot sounds fantastic, from Screen Daily, The Grand Budapest Hotel tells of a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars and his friendship with a young employee who becomes his trusted protege. This darkly comedic short by Paul Emerson and Dave Shalansky presents an honest, slightly perverse, take on sex through the eyes of one very giving man.
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Under Capricorn, Stage Fright and I Confess were all commercial failures and many saw the director as losing his touch. Let’s face it, by the time you’re close to considering thirty is even a valid option for you, life’s difficulties are already weighing heavy on your mind. While my tastes border on the bizarre, something I have developed an intense fascination with are dystopian and depressing novels. It has also been passed on orally from generation to generation by trusted elders or devious cheek pinching Aunts, who seem to be going the way of the dinosaur.
The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting, the battle for an enormous family fortune and the slow and then sudden upheavals that transformed Europe during the first half of the 20th century. Not the worst summer, as The Dissolve recently pointed out, that was 2010, but 2013 was pretty abysmal by comparison.
Through the eyes of a curmudgeonly old man I find it intensely satisfying in a primal albeit anachronistic way. It wasn’t until some shrewd business moves which put Hitch in the driver seat of what would become an incredibly successful partnership with Paramount would the director regain his stride. Student loan debt, cancer and not liking the music that’s popular anymore are things many Millenials will encounter on the warped mangled tarmac that is the landing strip of life. This can be tough, especially for those who recently discovered the two day hangover and yet are still old enough to remember when you used to get packs of cigarettes from a vending machines that looked one-third juke box, one-third pinball machine and one-third iron lung.
It also succeeds in offering us a corruption of the seemingly incorruptible, the mathematician. It was only after a query into the most depressing novels ever penned did I stumble upon Thomas Hardy. Having spent most of my adolescence growing up in gaming stores and comic shops, his presence has been an inescapable fixture to my Nerd maturation. Cliff is a masochist, hold the sado, in a sense, but it’s more that he feels sorry for these women and feeds off their sexual repression, as a cultural succubus. It’s as if the studios were doomed from the onset thanks to a Variety interview where George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg detailed the coming insurrection.
As preparation for her role as a piano teacher, she resumed practicing a year before the film was started. Yes there are artifacts and buildings which have survived thousands of years as proof, but the past is ephemeral. I find it compelling in a Hemingway or Legend of Drunken Master like window to hidden power. He had always payed very close attention to detail but the orchestration and ensemble nature of RW was unprecedented. I fell in love with his long florid descriptions of the environment and discovered quickly this was a device used to plum the depths of a characters soul.

I tended to eschew the cult like following of that Eldritch Abomination for the simple reason that when it came to the written word my eyes were firmly fixed on the text of magic cards, or buried inside Warhammer 40k codexes and various 2nd Edition D&D suppliments.
What this video showcases is that he was a hopeless romantic and a voracious introvert who needed his typer to live. Videographer Jeff Desom has assembled all the background footage and cutaways into one massive and impressive super cut. Little did I realize that all of these games owe their very existence to the early twentieth century horror writer known as H.P.
They say that writing is a window to the soul and more often than not Bukowski’s soul was bleeding. She visits a sex shop to watch DVDs; she walks a drive-in theater to stare at couples having sex. Walter is a self-assured student with some musical talent; he auditions for her class and is forthright in his attraction to her. We tend to think our own sexual fantasies must be asexciting to others as they are to ourselves, which may turn out to be ahuge, embarrassing and sometimes tragic mistake.
The novel also includes long passagesabout Kohut's childhood and adolescence so you kind of understand howshe turned into who she is now.
Haneke chose to hide this informationin the film, forcing us to wonder how she got to be that way (don't weall know a Erika Kohut out there?). It also made me buy and be thrilled by thebook, discover a fantastic author I hadn't read before, and listenagain and again to Schubert – so, my thanks to Haneke, Jellinek andIsabelle!!! This comment is bound to provoke somecontroversy by disagreeing with those who have easily classified thisfilm as an indictment of sexual repression and self-denial.
She isoverly harsh on everybody surrounding her — you need a pair of plyersto pull the most modest words of praise from her tight mouth. Erika is first and foremostobsessed with what entering into any kind of a relationship, be itcasual sexual intercourse or an enduring love affair, means to hersense of personal independence. She experiencesall human relationships, and sexual ones above all else, as a field ofpower play, of asymmetrical exchange of influences. She craves the most violentcontrasts and cannot stand living in the zones of shades of grey. But the film’s posing of the problem of sex in explicitpower-related terms, in terms of a power game with fluid rules andirredeemably uncertain outcomes should be the primary focus ofanalysis. The Piano Teacher’s finale is resounding in its relentlessdramatism and even stoicism. In thatsense, her character is not totally unlike the character of theobsessive and self-destructive chess player Alexander Luzhin from TheLuzhin Defence or the driven John Nash from The Beautiful Mind (theparallels should not be extended).
As a highly intelligent and sensitive woman, she isaware that any action in a relationship may be interpreted in radicallydivergent ways. The more he takes upon himself the mantle of a heroic redeemer,the more intense her battle of wills with him becomes, the moresymbolic her conflicts with him grow. She lives with her mother (Annie Girardot), a controlling, oppressive woman, anddeals with her erotic longings through voyeurism, visits to sex shops and self mutilation.She still sleeps with her mother. The film largely takes place at the conservatory where sheteaches and at the apartment she shares with her mother.Huppert in an excellent on-disc interview says Erika longs to be loved butis frightened of seduction. She treats her students coldly but is drawn to one who is vainand handsome, and played by Benoit Magimel. It’s aserious, disturbing film for adults that looks grimly at repressed feelings and emotional selfdestruction.
She also has the rare abilityto express deep, unsettling feelings with an absolute economy of expression.
Now I can write about it,compare it, classify it, and put it out of my mind so I can move on to thenext film, anything to distance myself from the experience.This is not an easy film to watch and is difficult to recommend.

It is a study of the sexual repression of a middle-aged pianoteacher (Isabelle Huppert), turned into a perverse, self-hating, anddestructive relationship with a student (Benoit Magimel).
Adding to the intensity, the TV is always on in the apartment as anunwanted and intrusive presence.The Piano Teacher is filled with great music and it is a redeeming qualityof the film to be able to listen to beautiful performances of Schubert andSchumann (no relation). Yet Haneke shows us people who are surrounded bygreat music and are numb to the emotional experience. Although the camera never goesbelow the waist, the game being played of sexual domination and submissionis clearly visible in the facial expressions of the characters.
Ultimately,there is no release for the tension created by a character who seems tornbetween madness and reason, who acts on strange impulses, seems completelyestranged from humanity, but remains so deeply human that we can recognize apart of ourselves on the big screen.The temptation is to say these people are not me. Yes,that’s true, they are not you, but isn’t there is a part of Erika that isbecoming more and more recognizable every day?
Isabelle Huppertwona well-deserved Best Actress award at Cannes for her portrayal of a womanwho, in her efforts to attain the artistic ideal, loses her humanity.Trapped by her talent, she suppresses her emotions and her sexuality untilthey can only be expressed in twisted and terrifying ways. When a youngerstudent falls in love with her, our hopes rise, but are soon dashed by therealization that she cannot experience love the way others can.
It is toolate for her, and the film’s final 30 harrowing minutes are, tellingly,devoid of the beautiful music that carried the first 90 minutes.
Her character is amiddle aged loner, successful musician and teacher , but incapable ofhavingany type of life let alone a functioning relationship.Her sex life is alsoone of unhealthy obsession involving frequenting sex shops, voyeurism andsexual self mutilation. It also gets revealed as the film progresses thatshe holds deeply disturbing sexual fantasies that involve humiliation andviolence being committed upon her. When she becomes involved with a studentwho has become infatuated with her, and tries to achieve the emotionalsalvation she longs for by sharing these obsessions with the young manthereis tragic results., Loneliness is a terrible burden to bear and part of the strength of thefilm is that the director, never reduces Huppert to a freak show. Her painis apparent even though she is at many times a fairly odious (andoccasionally downright psycopathic character) Hints of what has led her tothis situation are given, the unhealthy co-dependant relationship she haswith her mother, the perfectionism and driven nature that pervades herworking life, madness in the family.In the end it doesnt really matter howit came about as it is an examination of a person in that state and howtheyfall apart both emotionally and mentally that is being examined here. As if that wasn'tenough, Annie Girardot plays her mother and Annie Girardot is one ofthe greatest actresses of her or any other generation. So, as you maywell imagine, those pieces of casting are worth the horror we're putthrough. It’sa very good movie, powerful, thought provoking and features a superbperformance from Isabelle Huppert. Walter Klemmer (Benoit Magimel) is a young man whois very sure of himself who attempts to seduce her. The thing is she is adeeply disturbed individual and he can’t cope when her true nature isuncovered. I was impressedthat there was no attempt at pop psychology or pat explanations that youwould expect in a Hollywood melodrama with similar subject matter.
I can’t think of many contemporary Hollywoodactresses who could have played this role as convincingly. We are also swept away by powerfully performedmusic and shown the difference between great and mediocre performance with alot of attention to nuance.
But the trend in French cinemabeing what it is, it goes deeper, exploring the repressed sexuality of theteacher, the expression of sexual freedom and subsequent breakdown within acontext of passionate attraction, and the inevitable cycle of real abuse.
Weare drawn to her suffering and, at least initially, wonder how muchsuffering may be related to the accomplishment of genius, particularly inthe composers she admires. The Piano Teacher contains graphic dialogue anddepictions of sex and brutality in scenes that some people might rather notwatch. The scenes are essential to the dilemmas which the film seeks toraise and so can hardly be called gratuitous.

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