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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The Infinite Phenomenon (Director) The Infinite Phenomenon has staged many a fit in order to acquire that extra measure of vodka in the small hours. Christine Wood (Musical Director) Born in a village near Luton (tragically), Christine started playing the piano whilst still incontinent.
Alison Lewis (Performer) Alison has been working in the business for many years, but doesn't care to mention how many. Sean McCann (Performer) Sean appeared alongside Amanda Holden in Bugsy Malone in 1986, and was so traumatized he left the profession for fourteen years. Stuart Piper (Performer) Stuart made his professional debut with his left buttock on a Pampers advert as a 'Before' specimen. The Phenomenon has understudied Peggy Ashcroft, Betty Boothroyd, Oliver Reed and is currently Vera Lynn's body double.
Her greatest musical achievement - apart from NewsRevue - was performing to Jimmy Saville at the age of 15 whilst he ate salmon sandwiches. Her last performance was in Dracula, and although she was upset at not being allowed to play Lady Dracula in bondage, she was happy with the role of Mina Murray. An underachiever from birth, she made quite a name for herself lying naked in a bath of chocolate mousse in a film called Tasteless. He had a proper job as an English teacher until 1999, when he visited the Oxford School of Drama as a post grad. His embryonic talent was then unnoticed until his first foray into the world of comedy with one line on Absolutely Fabulous. The Phenomenon has been inhabiting the cellar of these premises since the termination of forty years loyal devotion to the Winter Gardens, Wigan, where the Phenomenon learnt Finnish and demolished pantomimes. Her ambition is to become the most famous Hollywood actress there has ever been - failing that to play Bet Lynch's daughter on Corrie.

The doctors call it 'Middle Child Syndrome', her father and I prefer to call it 'Showing Off In Front Of Your Friends'. He did a Dame Judi, stealing the whole episode with just ten seconds of screen time (he since suspects the laughs may have been aimed at his bouffant haircut rather than for his comic timing).
Since university, she has blagged her way as a journalist, video shop assistant and English teacher. Samantha has since done: Three national tours, two pantos, couple of short films, one TV and three pubs she calls fringe. Surprisingly, the appearance didn't end his TV career and credits since include The Politician's Wife, Plastic Man, The Boot Street Band, The Famous Five, Daisies In December, Catherine Cockson's The Girl and Tom's Midnight Garden.
Her greatest passions in life are her family (cuddly parents and bossy sister), Cappuccinos and acting. He has also done lots of theatre but we don't have the space or inclination to type it all out. Formerly Headteacher, Fairlawn Primary School, Haseltine Primary School, and Kilmorie Primary School, Lewisham. Regius Professor of History, University of Cambridge and president of Wolfson College, Cambridge. Royal Society Research Professor, Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge. Vice Principal (Health), King's College London, and Executive director, King's Health Partners. For services to the Leisure and Tourism Industry and the Regeneration of London's Docklands. For services to People with Special Needs in Pontesford, Shrewsbury and to Healthcare in Tanzania.
Formerly head of Justice and Rule of Law, Helmand Provincial Reconstruction Team, Department for International Development.

Formerly Cardiff Location director and chief Operating Officer for Protection, Legal and General Assurance Society Ltd.
Formerly Headteacher, William Farr (Church of England) Comprehensive School, Welton, Lincolnshire. Head, Knowledge and Information Management, Department of Health and Government head of Profession for Librarians and Information Specialists. Vice-president, National Governors' Association and School Governor, Harrogate High School.
WorldSkills Workshop Supervisor for Beauty Therapy at London 2011 and Curriculum manager, Ashton Community Science College. Higher Officer, IT Development Team, Personal Tax Customer Operations, HM Revenue and Customs. School Catering Training Co-ordinator and Cookery Volunteer, Cambridgeshire County Council.
Guiding Development Adviser and lately District commissioner, Evesham Guides, Worcestershire. Formerly assistant Headteacher and School Leader, Hastings High School, Hinckley, Leicestershire.
WorldSkills Ambassador for Landscape Gardening at London 2011 and Founder, Keith Chapman Landscapes.
Formerly consultant Speech and Language Therapist, Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children.

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