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It can be very rewarding to learn how to play the piano a€“ ita€™s a very fine instrument that can produce many different types of sounds and evoke different moods with its playing, from lighthearted to serious. Your piano tuner (if you have one) is a good person to ask first about whether they know anyone offering piano lessons in the area, or you could try asking any acquaintances or friends you may have that know about these things. Local universities or colleges offer music courses as well, so ita€™s possible to look into signing up for one. You can also go to local churches; the seminal music programmes there will be glad to take on a student.
Another good way to search is to look up a€?Musical Instructiona€? in the yellow pages of your phone directory.
In the chance that there isna€™t anyone offering lessons, dona€™t worry a€“ there are other methods. Fill out the form below for free instant access to exclusive bonus video lessons that teach piano scales, licks, chords, fingering, accidentals, and much more! Many of these Top 10 statements just come with the territory, BUT we can help you to avoid ever hearing number 8! Once a parent really pushed and pressed to try to get me to go to her house..at the PRE-LESSON interview! I think what is worse than saying all of these, is when someone doesn’t tell you that their child is sick, and brings them.

What I find AMAZING is that there is never a spoken word to the sports directors about refunds for missed lessons AND I never hear of children missing their sports lessons and events. When I reviewed a child’s lesson with their parent after the lesson, I told them that I was teaching them about phrasing.
There are several different ways to play the piano depending on your budget and personal preference. Someone usually will be in the community willing to accept a small fee for private piano lessons. Not only will you be able to learn a designated curriculum, youa€™ll also be able to learn from teachers who have an extensive background in teaching and playing various styles of piano such as classical piano, jazz piano, and blues piano. This also has the benefit of getting you a possible foot in the door to become a volunteer church pianist.
Local music stores, for instance, often hire people whose sole job it is to teach music lessons to people.
If youa€™re resourceful enough though, you can find lessons anywhere provided you know where to look. The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo are comic-based piano books that will rid your studio of unenthusiastic and uncommitted male students forever! End of the term the parent quit both her daughters and has never spoken to us again, after having tutored both her daughters for years!!

You can buy piano DVD's or piano videos and learn that way, you can log onto web sites and take good piano lessons online, or you can try to teach yourself.
If you find someone, get to know him or her beforehand and find out about their experience, teaching style and frequency of meetings. Ita€™s wise, though, to always look at the universitya€™s admissions policy if you go this route.
As you would with a private piano tutor, get to know them so you can somewhat understand their teaching style and other things. The other route, which most people traditionally take, is that of finding a piano instructor. Whenever you take classes at a university, youa€™re technically considered to be a student there, so you may have to make proper adjustments to finances, taxes and other things, even though youa€™re not attending full-time like traditional students. Finding a instructor to teach you private lessons sometimes can be difficult, especially if you happen to have just entered a new community and dona€™t know anyone. Oh yeah…the mom never called ahead to say that her daughter would be missing a lesson either.

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