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The easiest way to learn blues piano is to learn the LEFT HAND rhythms LONG before you learn all the fancy licks in the RIGHT HAND. Become familiar with the piano keyboard, musical alphabet, notes, scales, and finger warm-ups.
After becoming familiar with the basics of piano blues seek out other musicians to play blues, jazz, and boogie-woogie. So there you have it — a blues piano songs list to get you started on your musical exploration, and then the steps you need to get started with playing the style! I’m delighted to have a large group of new beginning students in my studio this fall. I like to start to introduce white key names from the very first lesson, even though my favorite method books start students exclusively on the black keys. The Dog Song asks students to find 2-black key groups (the doghouse), and then find the white key in between (the dog).

Once students can find Ds easily, it’s time to add a sneaky cat next door… and now the fun can really start! This F-G-A-B piece was inspired by one of my old students, who invented this silly sentence to remember the notes surrounding the 3-black key groups.
Handout sheets for these songs are available for download on the theory sheets page, or by clicking on the links below.
A pre-reading activity song to help students learn the position of C and D on the piano keyboard.
This next song from the Seattle-based rapper Macklemore talks about legalizing same-sex marriage. This piano sheet is arranged exactly the same way as I demonstrated at the beginning of the piece. If you're having a problem with the last part you can simply choose to play an earlier version of the same chord progression to keep things simple.

However, I'm doing my best to demonstrate the more complicated parts slowly so you can watch and learn easily. This genreĀ is a ton of fun to play, and a great way to diverge from the classical piano you might be used to playing.
Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.
Read on for our favorite famous blues piano songs for beginners to check out, as well as some tips to help you play the blues!
Learn to jam with others playing blues to help you become more proficient at playing the piano.

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