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Kids get so excited at Christmas time, and learning to play Christmas songs on the piano is a special treat. This first sheet features larger notation and fun graphics to make the piece even more appealing to kids. Note that at the very end of the piece, kids will have to cross over the right hand to play the final note. This second piece of Silent Night sheet music is for young piano students who haven’t yet learned to read music notation. Again, the kids will need to cross over the right hand to play the final note, so practice this with them several times during the lesson when you introduce this piece.
And don’t forget that even young kids can have fun creating a beautiful accompaniment for the melody of Silent Night. The first video shows you how to help kids learn to play Silent Night by ear using the help sheet.
After you’ve watched the videos to learn how to use this free printable Silent Night sheet music, click on an image below to print. With young kids, it’s a good idea to first introduce the accompaniment by playing a duet. Keep in mind that students will be most successful with this activity if they know their scales and chords well.
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Even young kids can learn how to improvise the left hand, and they’ll be thrilled at how impressive they sound. I created a fun system for teaching scales and chords that I start with my most of my students on day 1–even the very young ones. After you give this to your students, I hope you’ll come back and leave a comment to let me know your favorite student responses. You can create a beautiful arrangement of Away in a Manger when you know how to use piano chords.

This website has lots of other resources for learning how to create your own stunning music at the piano. This first sheet is for kids who haven’t yet learned how to read music, but want to know the notes for Silent Night. Once kids know how to play the melody of Silent Night, you can teach them how to embellish the song by creating an easy left hand accompaniment. There’s also a picture of a keyboard so that kids can easily figure out where to position their hands. It’s not hard for beginners to do, just make sure you show them how before sending the piece home. The video below shows you how to do this, and you can read the full post with more detailed instructions by visiting Silent Night Piano Sheet Music. Once your student can play the melody, whether by ear or by reading the notes, show them the neat little trick in the second video. Silent Night is an excellent piece for anyone who’s new to playing by ear because the melody is simple, includes plenty of repetition, and is well-known. Hopefully, you’ve been teaching scales and chords all along, but if not older students can probably still do this if you give them a quick crash course on how to play just the chords needed for this piece.
I’d love for others to be able to find and use these resources, and I really do read your comments and appreciate your feedback.
Here’s one that will thrill your younger students and probably make you laugh until it hurts. I hope you teach pentascales to your young beginners and use activities like this to show them that they can create music in any key.
This is an easy arrangement of Silent Night in which both hands are used to play the melody.
Watch this video for a demonstration, or visit Silent Night Piano Sheet Music to see more detailed instructions. I created a video tutorial to show you a simple technique you can use in your left hand to create a simple yet stunning performance.

This second video teaches a beautiful left hand accompaniment that even young kids can learn.
It makes the piece sound beautiful and the students will be floored that they can create such impressive sounds. Click the play button above to learn an easy pattern that creates a beautiful accompaniment to Away in a Manger. The activity helps kids in many different ways, so watch this video to learn how to get the most benefits from the exercise. In this case, select whichever scale you’re currently working on and ask the child to position her hand as if she were going to play that pentascale. Take advantage of their excitement and you’ll see their piano playing abilities really improve! Each note has a finger number above it, so all kids need to do is press the correct finger number.
I was blown away, and you should have seen those huge grins–they were so proud of themselves!
The only trick with really little students is to make sure they’ve got plenty of practice with scales and chords before you try this.
You’ll all set to sit down at the piano and create your own stunning version of Away in a Manger! Note that at the very end of the piece, the child will need to cross over the right hand to play the final note. It will also help kids begin to understand just how useful it will be to know their scales. They may prove off-putting if you are accompanying singers (depending on the situation) but if you are playing the carol on its own for enjoyment or performance, you may find one or both are interesting alternatives.

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