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Season 8 of Barney & Friends originally aired on "PBS" from September 15, 2003 to May 14, 2004. While waiting for a special fountain delivery, Barney and the children discover the delights of the park. While learning about on and off, Barney and his friends help Baby Bop costumes for her teddy bear.
Barney sets up an imaginary winter and summer wonderland in the park to help his friends learn the difference between cold and hot. Barney and the kids plan a special surprise party for Colleen using her favorite color: purple.
Barney and the children learn what it takes to be a good friend after accidentally hurting BJ's feelings for forgetting to add him in a drawing.
Barney and the children learn about different cultures by visiting booths in the parks' international festival. A make-believe neighborhood in the caboose prompts Barney to teach the kids all about different community helpers. After certain situations leave Barney's friends angry, he helps them learn how to deal with negative emotions. The last season that uses clips of a kid or different kids saying "Hey everybody, it's time for Barney Says.". Although Barney's House is no longer used in this season or any other season, Barney does mention it in a couple episodes.
Despite the second half of the season airing in 2004, all 20 episodes were filmed and produced in 2003. Although Everyone is Special wasn't sung in this season, it was heard as an underscore in some episodes of this season. Months of anticipation finally came to an end when Play Me, I’m Yours Singapore 2016 finally arrived. It had its debut in Birmingham in 2008 and has since travelled to major cities around the world. The pianos are decorated by artists and designers working with social organisations before being distributed to their eventual locations.

All the pianos were also given a round of free tuning by Zhivko Girginov so that they retained their beautiful aural characters. Play Me, I’m Yours Singapore 2016 was launched on 13 March 2016 at OCBC Square at the Singapore Sports Hub, to much fanfare. All the 25 pianos that form the focal points of this event were gathered at this location for the special event. It was literally a visual feast for all who were present, as pianos of various designs and colours presented themselves, proud to have been dressed up for the occassion and given a new lease of life. A blue-and-green piano sporting a Singapore flag and the Merlion and destined for Student Care Services was spotted. So was another featuring a beautiful potpourri of flowers on the front and flanked by giant sunflowers on the sides. A very interesting instrument meant for Just Parenting Association, a welfare organisation dedicated to providing good parenting support to children from low-income families, showed up too. Another beautifully-decorated piano features coloured polka dots against a white background. The launch at OCBC Square began with special stage performances by varous groups, including Home Shelter Choir and the Nusantara Group.
With the full set of 25 pianos arranged in a neat circle and representatives from the organiser, The Playtent, on hand, the show began. It's funny, when bands or younger musicians ask me: 'So, what does it take to make it?' Well, first explain to me what you mean by 'making it': Do you want to be a rock star or do you want music to be your livelihood? Sibelius Academy in Finland, has acquired an extremely rare instrument: a radically redesigned quarter-tone piano.
To get some inspiration, Barney and his friends act out some of their favorite fairy tales. From observing things in the park to a creative retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, Barney and his friends discover everyone is special, regardless of size. Play Me, I’m Yours is a global movement dedicated to promoting the love of piano-playing that was started by British artist Luke Jerram. It involves installing pre-loved pianos, lovingly donated by well-wishers, in public places so that the music-loving public can access them.

At the end of the event, the pianos will either be donated to social organisations or auctioned to piano-lovers and collectors, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefitting charities. In Singapore, a total of 25 pianos were decorated by 25 artists working with 25 social organisations and are now located in 25 locations for 25 days. Music lovers and spectators alike were able to marvel at the beautiful pieces of art, all having been painstakingly decorated in the preceding weeks by artists and designers working with the social organisations which the individual pianos would be destined for. It is predominantly white but punctuated by black-featured friends engaged in sports activities. When examined closely, one realises that each of the 75 polka dots is an artpiece handpainted by the residents at HCA Hospice Care.
However, the highlight of the day must have been the coordinated performances from 25 pianists!
The 25 pianists manned the 25 pieces of art and played familiar tunes in a coordinated fashion. They must have felt a sense of pride from not only having had the chance to display their skills in public but also having played a small part in promoting the performing arts.
When Baby Bop is reluctant to donate her toys, Barney and his friends help teach her the importance of sharing. While actively promoting music by making it accessible to the masses, this arts movement has a social angle to it. This piano with a “cheeky mynah” theme will be installed at Jalan Membina for the duration of Play Me, I’m Yours Singapore 2016.
Playing just like a well-synchronised orchestra would, the pianists took the cues from the conductor, Zhivko Girginov, and produced beautiful melodies, including Waltz in A Major, Op.

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