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Here is a summary, and also some examples of the sorts of things I can do:re-size furniture to any size (you can make partitions really big, for example, to create rooms in a house.
I read korean powerbook all the time, so I know how to do nice things like resize furniture, make things move and glow, among other things.
Choose the macro you want, copy the text inside the quote, and then click the "IMPORT" button in your housing macro window and paste!

It's free, it's much more melodic and complex, uses several instruments instead of just 1 stupid piano, and the notes are on tune and not out of beat.
Simply make some level 10 toons on israphel and get the aterian atlas black and white dyes and trade them to me! This dye isn't available ingame, but you can make things dyes white using a script instead!! If you want a copy of these scripts, simply pay the same price that the original person had paid, and you can have the code for the script too!
The price of me coding a script like this will vary based on the components you would like to be included.

15 mintues to level a toon up to level 10 ~ We can discuss how many dyes I want , depending on how big the macro is. I regulate tempo, don't miss notes, and make it sound melodic, so you'll get your money's worth :3 ! Just please, if u use one, post a reply in this thread (say thank u or something ♥) to bump it up to the top!!

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