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This is a very popular piece with new students.Indian Dance (composed by yours truly) is one of my beginning piano students' favorite songs to play. Download Indian Dance with Alphanotes - easy piano sheet music with lettered notes (not shown here)Download Indian Dance Alphanotes Helper version (just a few lettered notes)What? Expect them to forget your instructions!Of course, just because you carefully draw the finger numbers into the keyboard chart and have them locate the hand position on the keyboard doesn't mean they will remember to do this when they get home! Download printable music for Indian Dance with left hand When is it appropriate to give this piece to beginners?Usually I introduce this piece to slightly older or extra talented children in the first five weeks of lessons. But some students can grasp these concepts right awayVery occasionally, with an older or very precocious beginner, I will give this piece to a student on his or her second lesson. Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers?
I generally agree with this picture though there is also room, as Ward suggests, for a complementary process of more sudden and uncultivated changes in perception. He was not unique in undertaking such a project, and I would hold up Dorothee Soelle's remarkable book, The Silent Cry, as one of the best treatments of this area, but he broke new ground for Christian theology and that breakthrough deserves to be better known and built upon. Christian theology found its earliest expression in letters and Christian theologians and spiritual guides continued to use this medium as a primary mode of communication from the beginnings of the faith until our own day.
When we get to the Middle Ages in Europe, we have such significant spiritual guides as Clare of Assisi, Angela of Foligno and Catherine of Siena using letters as the means of encouraging, guiding and teaching their spiritual offspring. Merton was something of a connoisseur of spiritual letters and published a selection of Fenelon's letters with an introduction asking that his reputation be rehabilitated. The significance of letters in Christian spiritual theology is that they show its essentially relational character. So does the demise of letter writing mean the end of this rich tradition in Christian spirituality?
It seems to me that iconostasis represents quite the opposite of what it might appear to signify.
There have been recent reports about the difficulties that can arise for people who are practising meditation and these difficulties are real. These experiences are natural and, though not everyone will experience them, it is important that those who are practising meditation regularly and for long perdiods of time have access to someone with experience and a good understanding of what is happening in meditation.
Francis' Letter to a Minister is one of the few documents that comes from the hand of the saint and it gives a valuable insight into his spirituality and his approach to human psychology. So in the case of Francis, works of hagiography are the best way to offer insight into a life lived towards God. Most of Merton's writing about Bernard comes from his earlier life as a monk when he was immersing himself in the traditions and sources of his Order, but he maintained a strong appreciation all through his writing life of the central place that Bernard must hold for Cistercians.
There can be no doubt that there is brilliance in Bernard's writing, especially in his sermons on the Song of Songs, and I find some of his explorations to be quite captivating in their imagery and subtlety. Merton might not have been able to go beyond a kind of detached admiration of Bernard, but his insistance that we have to tangle with him and cannot ignore him is right.
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It satisfies the need for repetition, and for a loud LH (left hand) part they can really bang on the piano!Just kidding. This piece is not really about reading notes, but about observing patterns, watching finger numbers, counting steadily, and coordinating the hands.Have fun! It is shaped not so much by argumentation as by somatic practices and ritual, by sensory awareness cultivated through repeated exposure to formative (probably communal) behaviours. One area I want to think more about is how this understanding of belief can shed light on the practice of meditation, which does not rely on rational thought but on a widening of our awareness.
Much modern Western theology tends to be seen as belonging to a separate category from works of spirituality and there can be an assumption that the latter is a less rigorous area than the former, belonging in the realm of mere popular piety. He also draws on biblical sources and a wide range of other Christian mystical writers, on modern scientific endeavour and on the active life of working for justice and peace. Of course, St Paul was the first to write letters, many of them very personal, to the nascent Christian communities but this practice continues both within the canon of the New Testament, with later letters that bear his name and letters from other early Christian leaders, and with the churches' earliest bishops, like Ignatius and Clement. Then, when we enter the modern period, we have more letters of spiritual direction from people like Fenelon, Baron von Hugel and Dietrich Bonhoeffer (forgive the wide sweep of periods). But his main focus was, of course, on the letters he wrote to hundreds of friends and strangers, all with his characteristic insight, warmth and humour. Christian theology and Christian spiritual growth happen between persons and communities as they guide, teach and inspire one another towards the fullest expression of their humanity-in-relationship with others and with God. I don't know, but I do know that I have had some significant spiritual interactions with people by email and online and I think these express the same thing as letters when the writing is done with the same care and commitment. Rather than presenting a closed door to the unwashed masses, it presents an open door to the heavenly realm. Everything is there in the open at all times and while this may helpfully indicate the generous presence and availability of God's grace, I wonder if it misses something of the insight of our spiritual ancestors who articulated what we know well from experience - yes, God is there for us, but our apprehension of that truth and our growth into it, are a dynamic of entry, a drama of hiddenness and revelation, a dialectic of proximity and clouded sight, of things known yet unknown. In his seventh and final chapter, he draws heavily on Pseudo-Dionysius but also includes some vivid images of his own. If you are not used to spending time in silence, it is quite possible that serious unresolved issues will come to the surface. Such a person would be able to suggest ways of addressing those unresolved issues, perhaps by pointing to a trained counsellor, and might suggest adjustments to the practice where necessary. The letter is addressed to a Minister who is clearly facing difficulties with his brothers and these difficulties seem to include personal attacks on him.

Francis is saying that we have no responsiblity for and certainly no control over someone else's behaviour, but we do have responsibility for our own. In any case, the spiritual insight contained in this short letter remains strong: when we are wronged, the one thing we can influence is our response to the wrong. The genre is assumed to be the antithesis of biography and is, therefore, rejected by the scientific mind in its quest for the truth about a person. I have recently been reacquainting myself with some of the early Franciscan texts in order to reconnect with the spiritual tradition that has formed me since early adulthood. A hagiography is somewhat like a biography but finds its distinctive character in the interpretive purpose of the work. Christian insight comes in many forms and Bernard's mind and energy bring something distinctive to our understanding of how we engage with scripture and with the world.
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Then look down the line and slide the picture over amazing, earthy, demanding man and it about kept politely asking him not to breath so much fire. The hell with it, she thought, as BY A PROFESSIONAL FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES out myself thanks to you.
I am a piano teacher in New Orleans, LA and in the process of putting together my own curriculum and recordings. On some of my free sheets, I have written "For Use by Private Music Teachers" down by the Copyright notice, but I really intend them to be for the use of all teachers and students alike.
Indeed, it seems that the whole process of believing has more to do with our bodies than our thoughts, or at least as much to do with our bodies as anything else.
This is why believing can be frustratingly persistent to those who would like to argue it out of existence. I think I know instinctively that sitting in awakened silence deepens faith, and I think that Graham Ward has given me a way of describing how that might be so. Academic theology, on the other hand, can run the risk of being so separated from the practice of  prayer that the very thought of bringing the two into dialogue can seem absurd. His distinctive contribution, however, was his reflection on Japanese Buddhism, especially in its Zen manifestations. Sometimes he initiated correspondence with writers and thinkers who caught his attention, sometimes he had protracted exchanges (as with D.T.
Having just come back from a holiday in Cyprus, it strikes me more and more that this is an unhelpful way of seeing the iconostasis and its doors.
The Liturgy and Hours are more a drama of entry and approach, of movement and ascent, than a secret rite performed behind a screen. The way of contemplation is a way to a peaceful mind, but it is not a way of achievement so much as of letting go. Of course, we should not imagine that simplicity is painless - it requires a shedding of some superficialities that we might once have cherished and considered important.
I would say that religious traditions of meditation and prayer have significant resources to offer in this regard both from the point of view of centuries of experience and from the point of view of offering a conceptual framework for our experiences. And this is a danger for the theist as much as for the atheist because the God who meets us might bear little resemblance to the God we imagine.
One useful bit of advice St Francis gave to one of his Ministers (the brother or sister with responsibility for an area within the Franciscan community) was simple - don't even try!
If someone has wronged us, the spiritual challenge is not for us to understand the nature of that wrong or find a way to correct it. But for many centuries, hagiographies were one of the main sources of spiritual formation for less learned Christians.
St Francis was well provided with accounts of his life, including those written by Thomas of Celano shortly after his death.
In our modern context, a work of hagiography should have nothing to fear from the rigours of historical inquiry. There is no question that Bernard was a towering figure in the mediaeval church and, indeed, in wider society and Merton wrote of his appreciation of Bernard's writings.
Like all religious at the time of the Second Vatican Council, Merton felt deeply drawn to recover the early charisms of his Order and part of that recovery must include an understanding of Bernard (among others).
His 74th sermon has a lovely passage in which he speaks unusually autobiographically about the times when he knows that The Word has come to him. He had to pay his own way home via Calcutta and part of the journey relfects on that stopover too.
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That's because "A," the first note, won't show up in their lesson books, usually, for a very long time. It is such a gift, for so many reasons!I have been slowly giving my oldest daughter whatever my memory can dredge up, scouring the internet for free music she can do, but your website with its instructions AND tips on how to teach pieces are going to help me SO much in this endeavor.
It also indicates how beliefs get changed - through willed repetition rather than through knock-down arguments. Johnston proposes a modern Dionysian theological project, and he was well-placed to begin this process.
He lived all his adult life in Japan so it is natural that he should make reference to the religious context in which he lived, but his fascination with Zen went deeper than that.
They still have, for me, a powerful presence as physical artefacts and their physicality is almost sacramental for me when they are letters written in the spirit of fraternity, grace and humility.

The church where I attended Vespers last Sunday was a good example of why this impression is a very partial one.
And often the way to a peaceful mind includes an awareness of what is not peaceful within us.
This is a useful defensive mechanism but it is not a long term solution to these difficult things.
It really does help most of us to have some sense of how our experiences fit into our broader sense of reality.
It may be that the God we meet in silence is more silent than we had thought, or more free, or less distant, or more challenging, or more ineffable. No brother must go from him without having been shown mercy, and if that brother does not even ask for mercy, he should be offered it.
Were they simply being deceived by a hierarchy seeking to impose compliant behaviour on ignorant masses? He was careful about the analysis of his sources and interviewed the surviving companions of Francis to corroborate them. His hesitations about Bernard were partly to do with his character, which Merton found unappealing, partly to do with his support for the Second Crusade, and partly that he found bernard's writing evoked in him a repsonse that was more scholarly than mystical.
O skilful marksman who shot his way deepinto the annals of West Indian history - bestow new titleunto him who had such audacity to aim death at morethan just niggers. At the level of a whole human person, this sense of a tendency or orientation is a much better place to start when considering the matter of belief than the realm of ideas.
I wonder if that is also, then, how beliefs get lost - not by suddenly realising our past gullibility but by a gradual reshaping through contrary practices. This was not always the case and there is a signficant body of writing by major theologians like Bonaventure, Eckhart and Thomas Aquinas that continues to offer a model for the theology of Christian mystical experience.
His first book was an analysis of the mystical theology of The Cloud of Unkowing, whose author also offered a translation of Dionysius' mystical theology in English - Denis Hid Divinity.
He used it as a lens through which to see more clearly some aspects of his own Christian contemplative tradition.
The church was quite small so the Holy Table, though behind the screen, was very close to the people, much closer than even our nave altar in the Cathedral is. It is a journey towards God that is also, and at the same time, a matter of God's journeying to us and all the classic writings on growth in the spiritual life present it in this way. This peaceful mind is a leaving behind of the things of the senses and an entering into a luminous darkness which is a paradise. On a slightly lower level, we may simply become mroe aware of ongoing agitations that we had not been aware of before.
In any case, we should not undertake the practice of regular meditation unless we are prepared to be changed.
Francis urges that the Minister see these trials as an opportunity to exercise forgiveness and says that this opportunity is of greater spiritual merit than any hermitage. Francis goes further and proposes a new addition to the Rule which deals with the wrongdoing of brothers. There were also later, more popular collections of anecdotes about Francis and his companions, notably the Fioretti - The Little Flowers of St Francis - which includes many of the tales we now popularly associate with the saint. If we give them time, they over and all Page 300 to suffered by my refusal to understand that. For example, the ideas of supra-conceptual language, of nothingness, of practised stillness, of non-dualism and enlightenment all find a meeting point in the conversation between Zen and the Christian tradition as it is seen in John of the Cross and others. This truth is powerfully depicted for me in the way the iconostasis is used in the course of Orthodox prayer and worship. Another problem that can arise is a sense of disorientation, particularly if one is spending long periods of time in silence. Francis valued his times in a hermitage very highly indeed, so this is a significant comparison.
Surprisingly, Francis urges that a brother's fault should be kept secret, not exposed to the community. It is a portal, or perhaps a gift that is beautifully wrapped in order that it may offer the thrill of unwrapping. If the usual constructions of our mind are absent for a time - the perceptions, self-descriptions and internal narratives - then we can find ourselves feeling a little at sea. It should be dealt with tenderly and with mercy, recognising that the one wronged is also likely to commit wrong at some time. Francis left few writings - though what he did leave is important - but it was his life that bore testimony to his spiritual insight. And the clergy came right among the people at several points in the course of the service honour each one with incense, to offer prayer before the icon of a local saint and to bless the gifts of food brought for sharing. Indeed, his very body became the image of the Christlike humility and the illuminated union with God that he sought. The whole experience was far more intimate than many services in the West with its pews, elevated pulpits and distant sanctuaries. If someone has committed wrong and that wrong is compounded by exposing the wrongdoer to shame in the community, have we not just made the problem more complicated to solve? His stigmata are as much an image of transfiguration as of the identification with Christ's suffering. Such exposure also runs the risk of inviting self-congratulating complacency among those who were not in the wrong on this occasion.

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