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Have you ever listened to an amazing violin piece by Paganini, Beethoven or Mozart and wondered how the violinists got so good that they were able to perform these pieces flawlessly? So regardless of what style of music you’re interested in playing, all good violinists need to learn the basics like holding the bow and correct posture.
To get you started we had one of our expert teachers and NYC Ballet Orchestra violinist Laura Oatts give her top 5 tips for becoming a great violinist. 3) Bowing Technique: Long and full bows on the open strings for 5 or 10 minutes every time you practice. 4) Practice your pizz: See if you can play your scales or whatever piece you are working on using pizzicato the entire time. This article explores using different recordings of the same piano work to supplement study of a piece.
When classical piano students get to a point where they are out of method books and at an intermediate to early advanced level, many choose to continue their study of classical piano literature as their primary focus on the instrument.
The reason for this practice is to convey the performance goal to the student, as well as show the variation different performers can incorporate into the same piece. With YouTube, iTunes, etc., it’s never hard to find three very good recordings by professional performers and artists.
As an added note, comparing recordings of a single piece also helps you realize the aspects that don’t change between performers and should be incorporated into your preparation of the work.
After you’ve selected your favorite recording, study it with the score (or sheet music) in front of you.
Remember that the recordings you are listening to were performed by professional musicians and are in their final presented form.
Studying recordings of classical piano repertoire is a must for piano students who are working on intermediate and advanced piano literature. Today I’d like to give you some tips to help your homeschool student be successful with piano lessons. As an adult, I am so grateful to my mom and dad for their support of my learning to play the piano.
As a mother, I have now found the love in helping others find the joy in making the music which God created within them from the beginning.
As a teacher, there are several keys to the success of a child learning the love of a musical instrument. Music in Our Homeschool is a website run by veteran homeschool mom of 8 and music teacher Gena Mayo. Would you like to win both 20th Century  #Music  Appreciation curriculum volumes?

UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too. Well, I can guarantee you that every member in the world’s greatest orchestras has spent thousands of hours taking lessons and practicing their craft. These are great beginning points to get you moving onto more advanced techniques like vibrato, double stops and playing in different positions. If you’re terribly busy, several minutes every day will keep building your muscles and help you build up stamina for longer practice sessions.
Also, students should constantly be listening to music they love, and learning how to play music they enjoy.
By dropping the bow every once in a while, playing pizzicato will help you focus on intonation and other aspects of the music like dynamics and rhythm. Intermediate to advanced piano students studying classical repertoire will find great benefit from adding this component to their weekly practice. As a piano teacher, I have several students who are solely interested in classical study, and when they start working on intermediate to advanced pieces that are in “original form” (not arranged to be easier in difficulty, but instead, as the composer intended it), it becomes necessary for them to start listening to recorded performances of what they are playing as a part of their study. Also, it begins to fine tune the ear of students to listen to intricate details of musical aspects discussed during their piano lessons.
I encourage students to dodge other student performances in the results on YouTube, as the goal is to listen to the top, most professional examples you can find.
Notice the subtle differences in tempo, phrasing, voicing, and articulation amongst the different recordings, and make note of which one was your favorite.
When initiating your study, the tempo at which you are playing and the difficult areas of the piece are still “in progress”.
Meet the teacher, watch their interactions and instructions, and determine if their personality and goals fit your child and your family. It is our goal to provide you with articles about resources, tips, freebies, giveaways, and sales to help you include music in your homeschool!
With bands today like Coldplay, Lana Del Rey and Adele using more and more string arrangements in their music, the violin has become a very popular instrument to learn.
Just playing the open strings or playing a very in tune scale is great practice for a beginner and will help them progress in the future. Violinists can play both classical and pop melodies, so changing up styles is a good way to keep things interesting. It’s ?the smaller of the two pieces and goes on the end of the bow and helps students learn to hold the bow correctly while they begin to build the needed hand muscles.
However, my preference is to purchase music through iTunes or on CD, that way, you can playlist your music a little easier and have the best sound quality. There is no wrong answer here, but analyzing what you are hearing in this way helps you understand the range of flexibility in a piece and develop your own personal taste.

This is definitely not a one time ordeal, and on the first iteration of this practice, try to do it at least twice.
Keep an open mind to what you are listening to and use it for inspiration, not as an unattainable goal. By using three different recordings, you get a fairly complete range of how an artist can personalize a piece and what aspects remain constant. I do not remember asking to take piano lessons nor had one else in the family taken any musical lessons, but at the age of four, my mom found a teacher, sat by me in lessons and had me practice each day. I enjoy accompanying hymns with children’s choirs or musical solos at local contests.
Each teacher has priorities and goals for their students and as your child progresses that teacher may change to fit your new goals for your child.  Keep communicating with your child’s teacher about their progress and or about questions or concerns that may have arose during the time between lessons.
Having an awareness of which is the right and left hands helps in the progression of learning the keys and notes.
It’s a fabulous tool and helps people learn so much quicker in the beginning if they have a “Bow Buddy”. Just read along the first time, and on the second time, pencil in some notes throughout the music to describe what you are hearing that may be useful in your own interpretation. My parents supported my lessons through high school as I also learned to play the organ and then the saxophone. Not all children are ready at four or five; it may be at age eight that your child is ready for the piano.  Starting lessons again after a time away when the child is more ready can also prove to be very successful!! Practice should begin with 15 minutes for 4 days per week and increase as the level of music increases. This does not cost you any more, and it helps cover costs associated with running the website. Music rang through our house as I played the hymns from our Sunday service or prepare our hearts for the Christmas season with the carols of the season. The first day after a lesson is the most important day of practice as they will have the greatest recollection of the music taught during the lessons. I am am honest in my review of the products and only recommend products I would actually find useful myself.

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