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The video we are sharing is a wonderful visual depiction of exactly how musicians benefit from playing music. If you or a student is having certain issues when playing violin or viola, take time to read this.
Uneven, rough tone: If there is a wavy, inconsistent sound from bowing, it all has to do with the lack of “teamwork” between the right elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, and fingers.
Music technology has definitely come a long way since the first days of MIDI and keyboards in the 1980s. 1.Tuning apps-You can get these for free on your smart phone or tablet, and a good recommendation is DaTunerLite.
Studying piano in England can be a very different experience than taking lessons in the USA.
There are many different articles on the internet about the benefits of musical instruction. Every piano student will get tired of typical lesson book songs or classical pieces that we use to teach them.
Alexander Porfirievich Borodin was born on, November 12th, in 1833, and died February 27th, 1887, being born to a commoner Russian woman and illegitimate son of a Georgian noble. A wide network of experienced instructors which enables us to skillfully match your family with a music teacher of your preference. An extensive Lending Library comprised of Classical, Seasonal, Popular, Gospel, Jazz, and other music, including compact discs and videos, which teachers may borrow for your family. Multiple Payment Options – Families can pay their tuition by using our automatic debit system, or by check or by money order. We perform background checks on each of our Piano, Voice, Violin and Guitar Music instructors.
Piano Lessons in Your Home teachers have made long-term commitments to teaching Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar and to our program.
We offer our students the opportunity to participate in at least one optional musical recital each year. We pride ourselves on our integrity and on our ability to exceed the expectations of each family. By listening to what our families need most, we have developed a comprehensive system that has proven successful in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Chicago, Tampa Bay, and Little Rock.
Student Testimonials "Miss Melanie is great with our daughter, who is taking piano lessons, but our younger son who is not yet old enough, loves her too! We perform background checks on each of our Piano, Voice, Violin,Cello, and Guitar Music instructors. Chicago Piano Lessons in Your Home teachers have made long-term commitments to teaching Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Cello, and to our program. We offer our Chicago students the opportunity to participate in at least one optional musical recital each year. Music Lesson Student Testimonials "I am so happy with the lessons my girls are receiving from Piano Lessons in Your Home.

This edition of Piano Lessons in Your Home’s Student of the Month is a special one, because along with the student nomination came a teacher nomination as well. Chris Ray is a freshman in high school, and recently won first chair in an All Region Jazz Band Competition. For more information about music lessons in the Dallas area, please contact Bandi Avance at (972)280-9000. Choosing sticks04 September 2014Sol Garnier0 CommentAs a Chicago Drum Teacher, I often get asked what is the correct pair of sticks to play with. Someone with a large palm might need a longer stick, that will help your hand to find a nice pivot point. That said, if you are a beginner and you don’t know what to take, at Chicago Drum Lessons we advise to get a cheap pair of 5A sticks.
First 1-hour lesson is half priceSign up for lessons this month and your first 1-hour lesson will be discounted to the half hour price of $25! Enjoyed impressing royalty by performing piano in non-traditional ways, like blind-folded and backwards!
Below are some useful tips, tricks, programs, and apps that are a must-have for today’s modern music teacher! It accurately shows the concert pitch you’re playing chromatically, to within a tenth of a cent!
Sometimes they want to learn that catchy Top 40s song they heard on the radio the other day, or they are obsessed with the instrumental soundtrack from their favorite movie, or maybe their parents want them to learn an ethnic folk song that reconnects their child to their heritage. We have a wide network of instructors and take great care as we match them with families based on gender, personality, scheduling, and other preferences. Currently, we have instructors celebrating their tenth, eleventh and twelfth year anniversaries with us! Instead of spending time traveling to and from music lessons, as well as waiting during classes, families can save valuable time by having one of our highly trained instructors come to them.
We do not charge hidden fees such as re-registrations and recital costs, which inflate the total cost of lessons.
Because of this resource, our students have access to a variety of musical materials that teachers bring directly to their homes. If a parent, student, or teacher has an issue that needs attention, we resolve it to the satisfaction of each party immediately rather than days or weeks later. We have been serving families since 1996 and hope that your family will be the next to join our Piano Lessons In Your Home family! And it's so wonderful not to have to spend time driving to and from a music location for lessons. These two have earned the titles of Student of the Month and Teacher of the Month for many reasons, and we are excited to share!
Someone with short fingers will probably like a thinner stick which will avoid cramps and pains. A French comedian named Coluche said that it takes five years to make a bad musician and five minutes to make a bad actor.

Garnier is easily among the best and most experienced music instructors in the Chicagoland area. My lessons are fun, structured to fulfill each of my student’s personal goal based on their differences and preferences. In addition, we ask our families for their candid feedback throughout the year to aid in monitoring the quality of our music teachers. Also, students are able to learn on their own musical instruments in the comfort of their own homes. Also, students are able to learn on their own Piano, Guitar, and Violin in the comfort of their own homes. Chris’s success is just one of many examples of students who have developed a love for and dedication to music, with the help of Mike. If you have to play in a rock band, you will need the shoulder of the stick to be closer to the tip of the stick. He also volunteers at the Dallas Children’s Medical Hospital, doing what he loves- playing piano! This is because the stick is similar to a hammer, and the more weight you put towards the tip, the greater the momentum you build before the strike.
I am able to listen to the lesson and be part of the lesson while cooking and doing laundry at the same time.” -Tracie, Gahanna, Ohio “Our instructor is knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic. We congratulate Chris for all of his hard work, and look forward to what the future holds for him! As far as the tip of the stick is concern, it will depend largely on the sound one wants from the cymbals. I will recommend your services to family and friends.” -Rose, Columbus, Ohio "Renee is a wonderful teacher.
She has been very patient and understands the very different learning styles of both my daughters. She is engaging and makes each lesson fun and adapts to their skills as well as personalities." -Teju, Evanston, IL "One of the biggest reasons I love teaching with Piano Lessons in Your Home is the skill of our Director in matching teachers with new students.
When Christie contacts me with a new student, I know that student will be someone whose personality and learning style is suited to the way I teach.
I also love the support we get from the office - especially the help we are offered in selecting new material for our students, and in finding music that will help our students get through difficult patches in their development.
It's definitely the best teaching experience I've had!" -Margaret, Chicago Teacher "Piano Lessons in Your Home allows me to do what I love AND get paid for it!" -Stacey, Cincinnati Teacher "This has been a wonderful experience.

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