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There are many parallels between how your child learns to talk and how she or he learns to sing. This blog is about how to become the best musician you can become - whether you are a parent nurturing a young child or an adult facilitating your own musical growth.
Type: a variety of music: Piano want to give your 4-6 year old a head start in music as well as the math? The method I use helps beginners become strong note readers while developing musicality from the start. Lessons are once a week in the state of Montana, Pretoria, where we have a lot of fun while learning math concepts and how to play music on the piano. Children pass through a "music babble" stage in which their movements and sounds don't necessarily seem truly musical - they are off the beat and not quite in tune.
The instruction is tailored to the individual student's style of learning at their own pace.

It enables him to enthusiastically take on new challenges, effectively maneuver through failure and grow from rejection. Your child says "Ba," and you may ask, "Do you want a bottle?" You help shape your child's language experience through your interest and invovlement. I also prepare student's for college auditions and music competitions.Thank you for visiting my studio on-line. But you may worry that you won't know how to recognize or suport emerging music behaviors.It's simple! First month free with no obligation to continue lessons there after, if not completely satisfied!
Keep encouraging and celebrating your child's efforts to move and vocalize, even though it may take a while for you to see the connection between what he is doing and the music.
Remember that a certain amount of physical maturation - and a lot of playful "practice" - is necessary before your child can learn to sing in tune and move with accurate rhythm.

The more your child develops musically, the more fun and ease he'll have learning to play the piano, guitar, drums, sing or whatever else he chooses. Sometimes it takes 100s of repetitions to get something correct but, often, after about 25, we're convinced we just can't do it and, probably, never will.
Sometimes, our very own family buys into this belief and demand relief from the painful sound of our repeated failed attempts leaving us feeling utterly rejected.
Often I talk to students, like these, years later and they tell me how much they wished they had kept going. Also like Michael Jordan, we can choose to utilize a Growth Mindset and keep our fingers and voices bouncing along until we score big with the ability to enjoy music making the rest of our lives.

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