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Mary Had A Little Lamb always goes down very well with young beginners in their first piano lessons. If you have a xylophone or chime bars it’s great to start by singing the song and playing it on the xylophone or chime bars first as it helps the child to grasp where the notes move up and down.
For more simple sheet music for kids and free printable music education resources, check out my Pinterest board below. I am unsure about teaching my kids the numbers with the notes and also having the note names on the music. I understand your concerns regarding confusion when using both note names and numbers.The numbers are there in order to introduce the discipline of fingering, and the note names are really there to assist people who are complete beginners with reading music.
If learnt and practiced in the correct way, they have the effect of consolidating the knowledge by rote (It is important also to sing the names of the notes as you play, and memorise too.) But these are all stepping stones on the way to learning to read music, much the same as using a combination of methods to learn and build reading skills or for learning times-tables. Thanks for raising this very valid point though, I think I will write a post about it soon! Thanks for bringing this to my attention Sintara – I will get it edited ?? Glad you’re enjoying the site! Whether you have a grand piano in your living room or a small electronic keyboard, you can teach your toddler how to play simple songs even if you don’t know much about music.
This simple song is typically one of the first songs that children learn when they are learning how to play the piano.
This is another classic children’s song that your toddler will love playing over and over again to sing about every animal on the farm.

Learning to play an instrument is an amazing experience, and playing the piano specifically has tons of benefits for kids. Make it fun, show your support, and your child will have a great time learning! If not, go straight to the piano and work through the following steps together to introduce the child to the notes and rhythm first before attempting to play it.
Explain that there are four beats in a bar or measure and count 4 beats in together before you start each time. Once the child has mastered playing the tune on their own, there is a simple teacher’s accompaniment which sounds lovely when played as a little duet.
I played flute and piano as a child and my brother then showed me the numbers for the notes.
These very early pieces are intended to engage and encourage young beginners right from the start and to build confidence. When children are familiar with these five finger pieces, they can start to play different tunes, but in the same familiar five finger position and they will be able to work out the notes without numbers or note names. How exciting for you ?? In my First Piano Lessons ebook there are lots more printables, and some animal keycards to play note recognition games to learn the names of the piano keys by sight too. This song has additional verses about the adventures Mary had with her lamb to keep the fun going while you sing and play this song.
One of the great things about this song is that almost every note is played twice in a row, meaning there are fewer notes for your child to locate.
One fun idea to try is for you to play the song while your child does the motions, then switch roles.

If your child enjoys playing these songs, consider signing them up for private piano lessons! Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.
Ask the child to trace with their finger the path of the notes sliding it either up or down without taking their finger off the paper. Using only the white keys, the notes continue in alphabetical order up to G, then restart at A. If you are completely new to the piano check out my other First Piano Lesson Series posts which introduce the basics of the piano for beginners. Talk them through each phrase of the song line by line pointing to the notes as they try to play them.
You may wish to label the keys with letter stickers or colors to make it easier for your child to learn.
If you are using a toy piano or xylophone, you may not have this key and may need to leave it out. Depending on the age of the child they may need varying levels of help and attempts to manage this.

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