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2 The first Nowell, that the Angel did say, was to certain poor Shepherds in field as they lay.
If you enjoy live music concerts & festivals – no matter what genre you prefer – chances are your appetite for concerts may be larger than your budget for concert tickets. The good news is that almost every community has a wealth of concerts that are free to attend. Here are some places to check out for information about what’s free and available near you. Speaking of the community connection, check out the Parks & Recreation Department of your town or nearest city.
As you might expect in city of its size, New York City’s parks and recreation department hosts free concerts almost every day of the year. If your community has special events to celebrate national holidays, like the 4th of July, they too probably include a wealth of music events. Finally, we get to our old friend, the “web search.” You could, of course, just type in “free concert” followed by the name of the area where you live. MyFreeConcert only has listings for New York City and Austin, Texas (with plans to expand to Chicago and Los Angeles soon).

The first publications of the carol were printed in the early 19th century (with slightly different grammar2), one of which was William Sandys’ 1833 holiday collection Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern.
In my area we are blessed to have the Britt Festival – all summer major artists come to the Rogue Valley and perform on the beautiful hillside in Jacksonville Oregon. In most communities, the concert season lasts all year – but free concerts are especially plentiful in the summer. In addition to high-priced national touring acts, many venues feature local talent for free – or at a very low cost.
Like most summer venues, the Fraze presents top acts like Earth, Wind, and Fire, Alan Jackson, and Chicago with tickets going anywhere from $20 to $60 and more.
Venues with a community connection (Fraze is run by the city of Kettering) are the ones most likely to sponsor free events. Almost all of them sponsor concerts and performances – many of them totally free – in city run parks and at other locations throughout the community.
Chances are that will, at the very least, provide you with a list of events that are about to occur. Quite simply, Levitt Pavilions is a national network of outdoor venues that present free concerts.

If you live near any of those cities, it might be worth checking the site from time to time – especially if you follow any of the groups or performers featured there. The original author of the carol remains unknown.1 “Nowell” is an anglicized take on the French “Noel,” meaning Christmas.
Concerts include both classical and pop and are very reasonably priced – nothing like what you might pay in a major city. Whether it’s the Popcorn Festival, River Festival, or Strawberry Jam Festival, chances are there are free music events going on. There are fewer military music groups than there were years ago, but larger installations still have them and they are never allowed to charge admission.
A French dialect – Anglo-Norman – was spoken in some parts of England between the 12th and 15th centuries, and bits of its vocabulary inevitably stuck around and adopted Middle English spelling. Today, both terms are acceptable; however “Nowell” is considered archaic, and is most often used to reference the carol or to romanticize holiday text.

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