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The traditional method of piano lessons for beginners was to enroll in piano courses under a qualified teacher.
There is beginner keyboard lesson that does away with the rudiments of music like notation and time signature. This easy method of playing the keyboard might bode well for others, but one needs to also know how to read notes in order to progress. One site has step-by-step video instructions on learning the different keys of a pianoforte. The best to source for beginner piano books are sites like Amazon, where there are many books to choose from. Think of the note names in your head as you go.Pay attention to the piano fingering for both hands.
First, they typically cannot make use of after-school lessons because they no longer qualify for enrollment Second, enrolling in a piano school as a beginner is expensive and time-consuming. Because each instruction is still a piano lesson for beginners, a person is taught how to play the piano by ear or by following color-coordinated keyboards.
Being able to play the piano without knowing what notes you are playing would be impractical, as it would be difficult to learn new songs.

It’s important to assess the usefulness of the lessons first though, as some of the programs are not appropriate starting points for school-age kids or even for adults. The lessons typically begin with proper finger placement and progress to fingering for each hand, culminating in an introduction to playing simplified music using the five fingers. Fortunately, once you are familiar with the keyboard and proper finger positioning, reading notes should be easier. This can make beginning piano lessons daunting, but there are other piano lessons for beginners that are offered for free online that actually teach how to play the piano.
At this point there are no notes involved just as of yet, as the online video tutoring concentrates on eye-hand coordination. The approach is quite formal, starting with notation, tempo and rhythm, but the pacing is just right for beginners.
While the book is recommended by many instructors, this series is not as popular as Thompson’s series. If they happen to outgrow their music teacher, they can always choose to enroll in advanced courses at piano schools or opt to hire a qualified teacher for private lessons. The free courses usually end with the beginner being comfortable with playing the keys patterned after the video sampler.

The progression of the lessons is apt, and by the time a student finishes the book, he is really ready for the next grade level. It includes several pages on the basics of music and terms, as well as proper positioning of hands and fingering.
The not so good part is that these types of piano lessons for beginners are more intuitive than technical. All beginner piano books start off with each hand playing separately, with the right hand first.
Most piano lessons for beginners progress rapidly and eventually result in the use of two hands during play.

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