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Mainland parents are exploring different tactics and preparing to spend millions of dollars to get their Hong Kong-born children spots at the city's top primary schools - leaving some local parents upset at the competition. Parents yesterday braved torrential rain to queue up for more than an hour to hand in their children's applications for discretionary places in Primary One next year on the first day of the allocation exercise.
About half of places at government-funded schools are available on a discretionary basis - given to children with ties to the school, or allocated according to a points system - which encouraged some parents to put their preschool children into a host of extracurricular activities. Li San-kwai arrived at La Salle Primary School in Kowloon Tong at 7.45am, an hour and a quarter before it opened. Li, a Hong Kong permanent resident whose family was living in Beijing, said he would spend around HK$30 million on a flat in Kowloon Tong even if his six-year-old son did not get a discretionary place at La Salle.

Li, a shareholder in Beijing-based gallery Rong Bao Zhai, said the family had been taking the boy overseas to widen his horizons since he was three months old, visiting the United States and 10 countries in Europe.
At Wai Chow Public School in Sheung Shui, a mother living in Lo Wu said she spent HK$3 million on a 500 sq ft flat in Sheung Shui last year to increase the chances of her daughter getting a place at the school. Wai Chow principal Wong Wing-keung said he expected to receive about 300 applications for its 75 discretionary places, of which 30 per cent would be for cross-border children. One Hong Kong mother was worried, having seen her daughter rejected by more than 30 kindergartens. Others are considering how to boost their chances of winning a place under the central allocation system, which is partly based on where children live.

She started taking piano lessons as a finger-painting-four-year-old, but eventually found her true passion in writing music.
She loves listening to indie-rock bands like Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen, as well as folk artists like Brandi Carlile and Jake Bugg- and both genres definitely influence her writing.

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