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Suzanne is available for solo and chamber music coaching to professionals and students on an as-needed basis.
A longtime piano teacher, Amanda brought her enthusiasm and expertise to Piano Lessons In Your Home more than two years ago, quickly filling her schedule with satisfied and motivated students.
If you or a student is having certain issues when playing violin or viola, take time to read this. Music technology has definitely come a long way since the first days of MIDI and keyboards in the 1980s. Studying piano in England can be a very different experience than taking lessons in the USA. There are many different articles on the internet about the benefits of musical instruction. Every piano student will get tired of typical lesson book songs or classical pieces that we use to teach them. It’s the perfect place for most students to start because of the foundational music knowledge piano lessons provide, including technique, theory and a simple, linear understanding of the grand staff.
We are pleased to have added Suzuki cello and Suzuki piano study to our school!For more information about our program or to schedule a visit, please contact us and we will be happy to help you! She founded the Suzuki Violin School of Columbus-Worthington in 1977 and the school continues to pass on her wonderful tradition of music and love.

And once you have that foundation, you can take it anywhere: from impressive classical pieces, to your favorite pop song, to adding another instrument to your resume.
Our School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or marital or family status. Piano lessons are absolutely the best way for every music lover to immerse themselves in music. Amanda, husband Eric, who teachers guitar and voice for PLIYH, and Joshua live in New Carlisle. You’ll meet with your teacher, fill out some paperwork, and then you’ll get started playing! The piano assessment is designed for your teacher to get to know you and your specific learning style. The semesters range from 8 weeks (summer semester) to 17 weeks (fall semester).Every student commits to a full semester of lessons at a time. We’ll just prorate the remaining weeks of the semester for you What age should I start piano lessons for my child?If your child is excited about piano, the right time is right now! Our teachers are amazing at harnessing and developing young students’ passion for music. There are some instruments that are more difficult for very young students, but piano is a great place to start.

It’s a way for your teacher to get to know you, what you like, what your goals are, and what the best path forward is for you to get the most out of lessons. However we know that a good personality match with your teacher is just as important for lessons to be successful. We have a comfortable waiting area, sound proof lesson rooms, a large live room with a grand piano and a recording studio.
We’re also located within walking distance or coffee shops, grocery stores, cafes and boutiques. We’re based in Grandview Heights and are in close proximity to Upper Arlington, Marble Cliff, Hilliard and The Ohio State University. Our piano teachers specialize in everything from young beginning piano students to advanced jazz and classical piano performance.
Each piano student starts off with an hour long assessment during which the student meets their instructor and develops an individualized piano lesson curriculum tailored to the student’s age, ability, musical tastes and goals. Sign up for a piano lesson assessment today by calling 614-407-8740.Ready to find out what you can do?

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