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Back when we first thought through our educational philosophy, we decided that music lessons would be required for at least two years for each kiddo. When we studied anatomy last year with Apologia, I was able to share the reasons for piano lessons with my children.
That doesn’t mean I make them take piano forever, just until the basics of the skill are accomplished, then the benefits are met and appreciation may take over. A couple of our kiddos are musically talented, a couple of them aren’t, and a couple of them still remain to be seen, but they will all take two years of piano. One of the reasons we started HB at the age we did was that we felt she needed to learn a few lessons.
But I am saying that if you believe it to be important, you’ll find a way to make it happen.
As Cutie Pie joined the rank of piano students at the end of February, I couldn’t help but smile. If music lessons are not a part of your kiddos’ lives, I challenge you to rethink that.

In our church the first Sunday of every month we invite members to go up to the pulpit and bear their testimony of the gospel.
My husband and I decided when Sydney was a little baby that we would have all of our children take piano lessons as part of school. I think sticking with an instrument teaches persistence and good work ethic, sticking with something that you don’t particularly like doing but doing it anyway is a GOOD thing.
I love your timing, btw, we are picking up our piano tomorrow and then rearranging out living room so that it’ll fit, lol! We have a close family friend who will be coming over to our place to teach Sydney, which I’m really looking forward to! All three of our kiddos take piano for many of the same reasons you listed, plus I was never encouraged in music by my own folks.
No lie, EVERY single month there are people who say that they wished they had learned to play the piano.
If that hadn’t worked out (or this family moves out of state, which they probably will in a few years) she would have taken lessons at the same place she takes dance lessons at.

I took a semester in college, and could probably pick back up what I knew, but I wasn’t that good at it.
Now that we’re in the city, our options have opened up, and I really want to make this happen. Which is pretty awesome, because then she could take it while her sister was doing dance or something.
Thirdly, an appreciation for music in general as well as musicians is developed by having to take lessons yourself.

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