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A melodic minor scale is a minor scale in which the sixth and seventh degrees have been raised by half steps. Whether you are an aspiring concert pianist or just want to play for fun, we have the right teaching program to achieve your goals. Our tutors will teach the basics to beginners to ensure they realise their full potential as a pianist. At Castle Hill Music Centre we will teach the finer points of piano playing including articulation.

Posture, scales,  aural training, intervals, sight reading, triads, modes, and tritone substitution. We have helped hundreds of piano students develop solid performance skills and improve their music theory. Think of the note names in your head as you go.Pay attention to the piano fingering for both hands. The piano will g ive you an awareness and understanding of  pitch, rhythm, articulation and reading in both treble and bass cleffs and note values.

Our tutors provide quality tution for students coming from all over the Hills area, including  Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Winston Hill, Dural, Kellyville and Rouse Hill.

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