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Right Hand Remember that good friend of ours Middle C? Good, place your right number 1 finger on Middle C. Legato Again, our goal here in this beginner lesson for piano is to play a simple, smooth and evenly sounding finger pattern.
For this exercise, wea€™ll play the same 5-finger pattern as in the first example for our beginner lesson for piano. In our first beginner lesson for piano, we were introduced to the Middle C Position (First Position) for the right hand. Next, place your remaining left three fingers down on the next three white keys respectively. Leta€™s see if this hand is easier or more difficult for you? Again, be sure not to press more than one note down at a time, releasing each note before pressing the next one down. Since this will be our first beginner lesson for piano, these initial finger exercises will be relatively simple and not too dramatic.

Good, now place your right index finger (number 2) on the white note directly to the right of Middle C. Next, place your three remaining right fingers on the next three white notes.
We dona€™t need thunderous applause at this point. Each note should be played slowly and evenly connected without any space or pause in between them. I just thought Ia€™d mention that now, because you will hear the term a€?legatoa€? again in future beginner lessons for piano.
But you will hear the term a€?staccatoa€? later in future beginner lessons for piano. For the staccato part of our beginner lesson for piano, ita€™s okay to slightly bounce your hand up and down as you play the keys faster.
Putting a slight bounce in your hand will give you more leverage to strike down on and pull back off the keys at faster speeds. This time since we'll be working the left hand wea€™re going to use the C note that is seven notes to the left of Middle C. Remember to keep each finger glued to itsa€™ properly assigned key as you go, and try not to tense up.

Right, thata€™s the next C note down from Middle C. Great, this time place your left number 5 finger (pinky) on the C note.
Stay relaxed. Play this exercise slowly and as many times as needed until you can play each note perfectly individually.
When you feel you have got the hang of it, increase your speed while trying to maintain the same level of control.

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