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EOP Audio Recorder is free recording software for computer, it can clearly record the sound from the system and the sound from microphone, and it can output the sound to be MP3 format.
EOP Audio Recorder is the recording software especially developed by EOP development team for EOP lovers who can share their piano audio or video works.
You need first make use the stereo equipmet is on work, you can follow the above steps to find the stereo equipmet and enable and set it as default device. It can not convert directly, you can use the plugin of EOP,EOP Audio Record to record the song when it plays with EOP, then you can get a mp3 file. I'm sorry for that, since we do not have win8.1 system, you can search it on google to find the loudhailer.

Please find the "settings" button and click "Output" to find the File Name, then choose the MP3.
Using EOP Audio Recorder, you can convert your piano works to be MP3 format and share them to your friends and family. Install latest Realtek Drivers, click on "horn" icon, pressed on "Recording Devices", press on stereo mixer, well I did everything from "solution". It can not convert directly, you can use EOP Audio Record to record the song when plays the eop file with EOP program, then you can get a mp3 file.
And i have tried your solution up there but the horn icon didn't open anything else further than the volume.

As it plays a MIDI file, the piano keys used light up, color-coded according to which hand is playing, while at the same time a useful and intuitive ‘Piano Roll' displays the music graphically. The performance can also be slowed down to aid your study, and the hands individually muted. You can also record performances and save them as MIDI files, using MidiPiano as an introduction to MIDI sequencing.1.

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