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I have been looking at many digital pianos and keyboards with 88 keys, and compared the Yamahas, Rolands and Casios amongst others, and have found that the Casios have improved so much in their latest models that they are really quite impressive. A few years ago I would have just got a Yamaha without bothering to compare or try out any other brand, but now it is different. In particular, the treble and highs were more enjoyable than most Rolands and more expressive than many Yamahas. The bass notes are similar to many Yamahas and Rolands in that it was also ringing and expressive, and if you want a bass that is richer than many Yamahas (which sometimes is not the richness of a Steinway sampled piano for example) then the Casio may well satisfy you in this regard.
As I mentioned just then, the touch is expressive and yes, you are playing a scaled hammer action keyboard. When you play, it responds, and as a result I found that I spontaneously vary my touch to create different expressions and as a result, you improve your playing and imagination this way, which is essential to developing your technique, and not just in slow sections, but also in fast sections where you make adjustments to your touch and hear the effects this makes. If you want the full grand piano experience then there’s the 3 pedal (soft, sostenuto, and sustain) pedals to use if you need this. You can play with piano and strings accompaniment or with a double bass in the lower range, or electric piano, but the grand piano is the main feature in the PX-130. So if you’re looking for a 88 key, new tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard or digital piano, then have a look at the Casio PX 130 Privia digital piano and start hearing the sounds and feeling the expressions that can come from a great keyboard.
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The Casio Privia 130 has MIDI input to a computer via USB, so you can record your songs in MIDI format, to keep and later playback. This is great as you can show songs you have played to others (a good version of it) when people come over, to demonstrate the piano instead of having to play it on demand.
To record the sound of the Privia, you will need to use an external microphone and do it the old fashion way.
SOmebody in a review of Casio CDP 100 said that one cannot play fast songs on it because the key release in slow. Hi Parishrut, When I tried the Privia 130 the keyboard action didn’t seem slow to me… By slow do you mean when the key is released it takes too much time to go back to position? At the momnet, we have an amazing selection of restored and unrestored Bechstein uprights available.

Nearly New Boston UP125 upright piano new in this week.  Designed by Steinway, this piano is a bargain! Compare against new Yamaha GB1, See a great selection of modern bay grand pianos, all under one roof!
Although a used piano, this is a prime example of a good quality German upright piano, beating a comparably priced second hand Yamaha U1. Due in this week, this rare walnut German Bechstein baby grand is a little gem.  Fully original, a lovely piano at a lovely price!
NOW in stock, this stunning Steinway model B grand, in a polished flame mahogany finsih is a beauty.
We are pleased to offer this small black baby grand, in excellent condition, for under £4500! Are you looking for a traditional style, antique piano in good working order?  If so, we may well have the piano for you! If you're looking for a piano, the Piano Gallery has a wide range of pianos, and offer everything from starter pianos, through to the finest upright & grand pianos for the accomplished pianist. Up to A?2,000 extra in part exchange if you trade in your old digital or acoustic piano for a beautiful new Yamaha Silent Piano. For a limited period only, our Silent Upgrade Bonus scheme offers individuals and institutions guaranteed part-exchange prices on their old acoustic and digital pianos. Yamaha pianos are the choice of many of the world's leading pianists and composers, and are to be found in music schools, schools, theatres, churches, and, of course, homes.
As well as new Yamaha pianos a€“ from entry-level uprights through to silent models, grand pianos, and the award-winning range of Disklaviers a€“ this year's initiative also includes all AvantGrand models and the popular NU1a€™Hybrida€™ upright digital piano. Yamaha acoustic, 'Hybrid' and AvantGrand pianos are the choice of many of the worlda€™s leading pianists and composers, and are to be found in conservatoires and concert halls around the globe. We have a dedicated website for NEW Yamaha Pianos - Click to Visit where you can find all of the specifications and models. It was because of the expressivity in the notes that made you want to play and play better and better as the keyboard responds to your touch.
Yes, I prefer the CS-67 Stand that you can get as an optional extra as it gives you the wood stand for either the PX 130 or PX 330 and looks great.

This small traditional black Challen baby grand is a lovely piano, perfect for the smaller space. If so, thanks to the Yamaha Silent Upgrade Bonus scheme, there's never been a better time to invest in a new Yamaha Silent Piano.
For music schools and other institutions the scheme presents a great opportunity to rejuvenate instruments and make savings in future maintenance costs. Thanks to the Yamaha Silent Upgrade Bonus scheme, owning one yourself just got a whole lot easier. I find that the headphone jacks reveal more about the sound if you have a good set of headphones and I used this to compare different keyboards, bypassing their speakers and using the headphones as a standard to compare them in addition to hearing the speakers. The Yamahas are good, but the sound is often more plain and not as expressive a sound – this is just my preference. Adding up to 2,500 Euros to the value of your old piano, the Yamaha Silent Upgrade Bonus programme could turn the dream of owning a beautiful new Yamaha Silent Piano into reality.
Well, with a lot of digital pianos, even with Yamahas, when you hit the note softly versus loudly and all the gradations in between, it sounds very similar and just louder, but this is not right. There’s the music stand a score book to learn the preset songs, a pretty good way to get you started.
The PX 330 also has more buttons which makes it easier to access the huge variety of sounds, but again with the 130, if you are mainly accessing the piano sounds, then the less buttons is not a big issue.
I enjoy keeping up with the latest equipment at stores and friends who also have a collection of audio gear so we can compare and review a heap of audio equipment.
The upgrade offer applies to all new Yamaha Silent Pianos and the award-winning range of Disklaviers.
With the Casio PX-130 Privia I found that as you vary your touch, the sound changes and is expressive as you would expect and want from a real piano.

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