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All product features, images, prices and other information published on our website have either been made accessible by suppliers or been gathered from public-domain sources. The sturdy contemporary design features back posts for added strength, while the specially designed soundboard and high-grade hammers endow the b1 with an unrivalled richness and sound depth for a 43" piano.
Yamaha's patented Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rail eliminates the common fluctuations in wood and metal encased rails, that affect touch, allowing for a more stable, long-lasting action regulation. Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site.
At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private lessons for all ages on piano & keyboard. All piano teachers at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta are university educated professional teachers. Yamaha's renowned, pure, clear tone and easy to play, responsive keyboard touch make this upright ideal for beginning piano students. Each key of a Yamaha piano is individually weighted, allowing all keys to play uniformly, ensuring a lifetime of superior touch and control across the entire keyboard.

It has a very large set of presets, but many of them sound the same, and the quality isn't great. The color of this product is subject to availability and whichever is in stock will be shipped to you. We offer special exotic world instrument lessons, as well as special workshops in song writing, composition & arrangement, & music production. We teach all styles, so whatever path of learning you decide to take, we can confidently guide you. No matter what level of student you are, our priority is to inspire you to live a more creative & fulfilling life by learning the piano.
A favorite in Japanese and European households for years, the Continental style b1 is designed for maximum performance, incorporating exceptional craftsmanship, space-conscious design and high-quality sound at a wallet-friendly price.
Yamaha reinforces the crown of its soundboard to ensure that the tone quality will remain consistent for years.
Like all Yamaha pianos, the b1 offers Uniform Key Travel to ensure that regardless of size, type or model, Yamaha keyboards will always feel the same.

Muse for Life's music program is unique in its focus towards learning music as means of connecting more deeply to the music of nature that is all around & within. At Muse for Life, we take pride in the fact that our teachers are both outstanding musicians & experienced professional teachers. All lessons at Muse for Life are individually tailored to meet the specific wants & needs of each student! All of our teachers are experienced professionals, who can guide you in learning whatever style & level you want to play.
Whether you want to learn classical, rock, pop, blues, jazz, folk, world music, or any other style, you can learn to play competently & confidently at Muse for Life.

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