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There are so many notes to learn it can seem almost impossible to completely understand it all.
We are going to take an in depth look at the piano keyboard and find an easy way to make sense of it all.I have included an easy to use piano key chart that will help you practice and master the notes on the piano. When you are first learning piano notes you can use this piano note diagram to help you easily find any note on the piano.
Dissecting The PianoThe keys on the piano are organized in a pattern that repeats itself throughout the piano keyboard.The first thing that you notice is the white and black keys. Notes on the PianoNow that you can easily find C, you can now name any white note on the piano.Using the piano keyboard diagram you can now label the rest of the white notes by counting up the alphabet.

There is an easy to follow pattern throughout the entire piano that makes it easy to learn every note fast. They feel as though they need to rely on the piano keyboard diagram rather then only using it when its necessary. Writing things down is a form of learning that helps reinforce a concept.You can use the piano keyboard diagram to help reinforce and review the notes on the piano keyboard by writing the notes on a blank diagram.This exercise is great for kids! This means that the white note next to C is D, the note next to D is E, and so on.Continue up the alphabet until you reach G. Once at G you start back over at A.See the pattern?As soon as you reach A, you have now started the pattern that will continue throughout the entire piano keyboard.

It will focus only on those notes rather than on the entire piano keyboard.Focus on learning one octave.

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