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The keyboard is one of the most versatile and beautiful instruments that exists and learning to play the keyboard or piano requires, as all instruments do, a great deal of time, dedication, desire and consistency. Really, the best way to learn to play keyboard varies depending on each individual and what they desire to learn. This is an instructional video about how to read music, the most common notes used in music and their respective time values. Reading music is not necessarily vital, although understanding and reading rhythms and time values is very useful for rhythm training and for creating and improvising rhythms on the keyboard.

Especially when a person is first starting to learn, they come upon many difficulties and frustrations with certain exercises. Perhaps they want to learn classical piano, or basic piano to accompany their singing, or maybe someone just wants to learn the Blues. It is also very important to schedule in your day a determined and programmed time for practicing and learning. Many people choose to learn how to play electronic music and learn techniques on the synthesizer.

The truth is that there are so many reasons why a person would like to learn to play the keyboard or piano and this determines which way is the right way for that particular person to learn.

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