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MagicScore Virtual Piano is perfect for kids and adults, offering the easiest work and the simplest learning curve. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". 128 musical instruments and more than 50,000 songs are available in this free piano tutor app. To start your journey with Piano Teacher, just pick a cool song in the songbook and learn how to play it in 1 minute.
About Us: We provide fun, interactive learning applications and social games for iOS, Android devices.
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Enjoy music improvisations, have hours of fun and impress your friends with beautiful piano music.

MagicScore Virtual Piano helps you become a composer, allowing you to improvise, pick out the notes or add lyrics to a popular tune or your very own composition. The free virtual piano keyboard covers all the basics that are required to compose music, play back using a variety of timbers, type and print music, and save your work into project files you can use with the entire range of MagicScore notation products.
With free virtual piano keyboard, you can enter notes with a mouse or type them with your computer keyboard. The built-in MagicScore Online plugin allows you to publish your compositions right on your Web site by embedding live playable and printable scores into the Web page. Whether you are a music enthusiast or a parent who wants to teach the kids music, the free virtual piano keyboard can be just a perfect tool for you. If you ever outgrow the free virtual piano keyboard and demand more powerful features, play a different musical instrument, or need a higher level of customization, MagicScore offers a wide range of tools for typing, editing, playing or recognizing scanned sheet music, saving music notation files or MIDI sequences.
Piano Teacher is not only the most elegant game to enjoy your songs, note by note, but also a great app to learn how to play music any time, anywhere.

With certain products, you’ll even be able to type notes and compose music in Microsoft Word directly! It is possible for you to share fun with your friend by selecting the double keyboard mode.
It’s here to help kids and adults develop creativity and music abilities by delivering a virtual piano keyboard free of charge. Other favorable functions like recording, social sharing and key size change are ready to improve your experience.

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