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Hi there, blues and boogie fan!This page now forms part of the Musicarta Twelve-bar Piano Styles home study download.
Straight blues and boogie aside, twelve-bar form and styles run like a thread through popular music and are an essential component of any popular-styles keyboard playera€™s bag of tricks. The Musicarta Twelve-bar Piano Styles home study download is packed with great, achievable twelve-bar riffs - plus all the theory know-how you need for your own ever-expanding mastery.Click through to the new series home page to browse the contents. This is the " Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions!" newsletter that you (or someone using your E-mail address) signed up for when you visited our site.
A 9th chord is made up of a root, a 3rd, a 5th, a 7th (not the maj7th -- just the 7th) plus the 9th note of the scale, which of course is the same as the 2nd note of the scale, but an octave higher.
So what we need to do is to play the C -- the root of the chord -- an octave below middle C while we depress the sustain pedal, and then play the chord shown above. So if you want to play a F9 chord, you would play a low F (the root of the F chord) low on the keyboard, then play the F9 chord while the sustain pedal is depressed. You may be wondering if you can play 9th chords in different inversions, like you can invert 6th and 7th chords. Then finally, add these 9th chords into the mix -- but don't forget to play the low root before playing the chord -- that's a must! Next lesson we will add 12 more chords to our growing list of chords we can play by adding 11th chords to our stash.
For a complete listing of courses that will help you greatly in your piano playing, click here. In case you just discovered this page accidentally and like what you see, sign up for our free newsletter below. Table of various piano chords in different keys.A  Have a look at 39 lessons on power piano chords for more.
Guitar Power Chords fingering charts.A  Learn to play all types of chords including Major Chords, Minor Chords and Power Chords with Guitar E-nstructor!

Making guitar tabs easy to understand, try guitar tab software to take this even further and learn how play classic songs!
To help guitar students learn where the notes are in a standard tuning.A  For more lessons on mastering the guitar fretboard, visit Guitar Note Mastery.
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This diagram will help you learn the names for each of the parts which makes up the guitar. The Circle of Fifths represents the relationships between the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale. The twelve-bar is a perennial musical meeting place, and the Musicarta Twelve-bar Piano Styles workbook will ensure youa€™re never short of an idea or two of your own!
If you no longer want to receive these free weekly E-mail piano lessons, toggle down to the bottom of this E-mail and you'll see where you can take yourself off the list. I hope you are enjoying learning about all the piano chords in the world -- and we're going to cover them ALL before we're done -- you'll know more about piano chords than 99% of the people in the world -- believe it or not, it's true.
The answer is "sure" -- but if I were you I would master one inversion before trying to use several different ones. Play each 9th chord in root position, then 1st inversion, then 2nd inversion, then in 3rd inversion (the 7th will be the lowest note of the chord) Play each chord up and down the keyboard for at least 2 octaves -- maybe 3 octaves. Then go through all the 12 minor chords, inverting each one up and down the keyboard -- hands alone, then hands together. They are shown in root position above, but you know that you can turn them upside down 'till the cows come home -- invert them -- so go to it! You ought to -- I know we're going slowly, but chords are SO important that you absolutely MUST master them if you are ever going to play the piano like you hope to!
A For a more in depth study of transposing chords between guitar and piano, see our Chord eBooks.

I hope you are enjoying learning about all the chords in the world -- and we're going to cover them ALL before we're done -- you'll know more about chords than 99% of the people in the world -- believe it or not, it's true.
Some people go through their entire lives not being sure about what such and such a major chord is -- and it's all so unnecessary, because you can memorize them in just a few minutes, and learn to play them in 12 seconds or less - one second per chord. They are 4-note chords -- the root, 3rd, 5th -- just like a major chord, but you also add the 6th degree of the scale to the major triad. We take your privacy (and ours) very seriously, so we don't want anyone receiving our stuff who doesn't want it! Today we're going to learn 9th chords, and from now on we will be inverting the chords and using a 2-step process to play the piano chords. I can't reach all 5 keys, so I had to come up with another way to position the chord on the keyboard. Then go through all 12 diminished chords, inverting each one up and down the keyboard -- each hand alone, then together. You'll play along with him on each technique until you understand each technique and can execute it by yourself. I have had many private students over the years who could play them all in as little as 5 seconds -- one little gal (she was about 12 at the time) had particularly fast hands, and could play them in - believe it or not - 3 seconds!  I have slow hands with fat fingers, and yet I can play them in something like 5 or 6 seconds.
The 6th is ALWAYS one whole step above the 5th -- never a half step --  so they are real easy to find. So unless you have a very good reason to use a different inversion, I would stick with only one inversion for now.

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