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When you’re learning to play the piano, the first and most basic chords you learn will form the foundation of everything that is to come. The vast majority of songs can be played – or at least accompanied – by playing these basic chords. Subscribe to our "Learn Piano Chords" newsletter and receive a free PDF copy of the all major, minor, major 7 and minor 7 piano chords. You could also play the fundamental with the left and the chord with the right hand to learn to harmonize the melody or to accompany a singer or another musician. Study all these progressions of II-V-I in major key and practice to play them on famous jazz standards. Remember the most important notes of a chord are the third one and the seventh one that determine the mode (major or minor) and the type of chord.
In music and art the complexity is generally synonym of ugliness, unnatural, difficulty of understanding. For example, I do not like the sound of the sixth on the dominant seventh chord and I do not often use it, replacing it with the fifth or omitting both the sixth one and the fifth. Besides you can often omit the fifth on the minor and major seventh chords, the fifth or the ninth in dominant seventh chords. I will publish soon in another pages half diminished ,diminished seventh and altered chord voicings. So if you have a G major chord, all you have to do in order to transform it to a seventh chord is adding the note F on top of it.
You'll end up with the note G, B, D and F which you can play with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th fingers of the right hand. You'll see the letter that stated the key note of the chord and the number seven right after it.
We start with the root position and we add a minor third on top of D (the last note of G major).
We end up with the notes G, B, D and F played with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th fingers of the right hand. This is the only chord inversion where we're going to replace the 3rd finger with the 4th finger.

Up next, the 2nd inversion; We'll lift the B note above D, F and G and end up with the note D,F,G and B played with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th fingers.
By replacing the F note (the 7th note) above G,B and D we return to G7 in the root position again.
Now that we know how to created seventh chords let's try to understand how they function in music or in other words what they're for. The home chord which provides the full harmonic rest and the dominant chord which contains so much tension that you have to go straightto the home chord. In other words 7th chords are played in blues to create a bluesy sound instead of leading somewhere. 7th chords are often used in this manner also in late classical pieces by Debussy for example.
Later on when we focus on piano chord theory we're going to get to know how these chords function in a musical context in details. People want to learn how to play chords in order to be able to play any song they desire easily.
The C major chord is named after that important interval which defines him as a Major Chord. To conclude, one can say that a C major chord is built out of a Major third and a Minor Third. The greatest thing about this E-book is that it has very clear pictures that show the exact fingering.
In fact, the basic, three-tone beginner piano chords constitutes one of the foundational elements of total harmony, which is the basis of most Western music itself, at least until the 20th century. In order to be properly called a chord, a simultaneously struck combination of keys must have at least three notes.
Each of the chords you have learned forms the root chord for any piece in the corresponding key.
Keep in mind the chord of the left hand must be played as near as around the central C(C4) and it has to contain the central C inside (in virtual way, if the C does not belong to the chord), to avoid cacophony.
Certainly there are also other chords besides minor seventh, dominant seventh or major seventh: in another pages I will treat about the half diminished, diminished and altered seventh chord voicings (with augmented fifth and ninth or minor ninth).

Therefore you should never miss these two notes in the chord, except if, for example, you need to play a sus4 chord: in this case the third is omitted leaving the place to the fourth note. So you do not need to exaggerate in the use of dissonances inside chords, even if you are playing some modern jazz. You take a chord (Whether it's a major or a minor chord) in the root position and you add a minor third on top of it.
7th chord have an extra note and so naturally four note chords will have an extra chord inversion. By replacing the D note above F, G and B we'll play the notes F,G,B and D with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th fingers again. Instead of using them as tension chords that lead home it uses the 7th chord often just as an impression. Striking one note, obviously, is a note and striking two different notes simultaneously is called an interval.
You can experiment a bit and crawl up and down the keyboard using three note intervals to create major and minor chords. That is to say, if you were in the key of a minor, you could assume that the chords A, D and E would work to accompany most any melody, and you would likely be right. They are chords that derive above all from Bill Evan’s voicings in which the ninth is added into the minor seventh chord, the sixth and the ninth into the dominant seventh chord. Immediately to the left of the leftmost black key in any two-key group you’ll find the white key that corresponds to the note C.
Just as is the case with the major keys, these minor key chords form the foundation of their respective keys. The notes that follow, in the key of C and including the black keys are: C, C#(Db), D, D#(Eb), F, F#(Gb), G, G#(Ab), A, A#(Bb), B.

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