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In order to lower the ninth note of a chord all we have to do is lower the ninth chord in half a tone. Lowered 9th chords appear often in jazz music in II-V-I progression as dominant or secondary dominant chords.
A jazz piano chord with only a seventh and a lowered 9th deriving from the octatonic scale would be built in this way. The raise 11th is being added as an extension very often to the tonic in the final chord of the piece.
Once you do that you have to learn to combine the harmony with quite complicated rhytmical patterns which could be a problem.
The chord known as the 'Chopin Chord' is a form of dominant 7th chord, but as well as the dominant 7th there is also a flattened 6th note or 13th note. Next in our jazz lessons we'll be learning to add the 13th note to a seventh or a major seventh chord (otherwise it would be the sixth note 7+6=13) adds a wonderful colour to the chord which is often being used in jazz chords. The chord symbol of this chord is stated by the big letter C and a small 7 and 13 on the upper right side of the letter.
After we omit the root note from the bottom (octave between the bass and the bottom of the chord) we're left with E, G, Bb and A.

The next chord inversion doesn't help us too much since the fifth note is being played in the bottom of the chord and since we still get three close notes.
During the previous jazz lesson we've learned the when space is needed between the note we can create by omitting the 5th.
Now the seventh note is located in the bottom of the chord and the sixth note is distanced on top. It's possible to add the root note ont top and get a reacher sound or to play the 6th note (A) as the lowest note of the chord since the interval of a sixth between the bass and the lowest not of the chord sound great. The sixth note (and the second note by the way) is more neutral in its color so in pop music and jazz music it is often recommended to use it. Now that we know how to build the different jazz chords let's start combining them together. People want to learn how to play chords in order to be able to play any song they desire easily. Once we cover that issue we will be able to play s variety of jazz chord progressions which I'm going to show you in the next lesson. Where the previous two examples were in a minor key, there was a tendency for the flattened 6th to fall back hauntingly to the tonic.

The third or the 7th notes are in the bottom and the upper voice is set apart from the rest of the voice in a normal distance. These extensions add color but they leave room for alternatives of harmony and if a singer sings as well this chord will support her much better.I introduce here the root position and the second inversion since they are the ones being used. If you need help locating all the other jazz chords I suggest you use our wonderful chord generator (coming soon). The first and the third inversions have the sixth or the ninth as the lower notes which make the chord less clear and the upper voice is disturbs by a close note. Maybe we can raise it to the next chord inversion just like we did earlier in the previous jazz lessons.

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