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Students needing to review and improve their note-naming and interval-naming skills will benefit greatly from these well-prepared Notespeller Books.
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This course is designed for the adult beginner who wishes to learn the Piano by learning and playing chords quickly.The course has a number of features that make it particularly successful in achieving this goal. Excellent - this book is for me and has taken me through the first steps to piano playing in a clear and easy to understand way. An excellent teaching book, very well structured with a CD which allows you to develop a good sense of rhythm and timing. I have just started using this tutor and found it to be very useful with the young beginner. Book 2 of this popular piano course introduces new notes for both hands extending past the range of the original five-fingered hand position.

Each book provides a variety of written activities that reinforce note reading concepts presented in the Lesson Books. The explanations of what the student is learning on each page are kept brief, and they are put to use on the same page in song excerpts.
The progression is good and steady and most of the music is known to pupils so makes it more enjoyable for them to play. The American terminology could do with some English translation as it is for complete beginners and I have had to ask my teacher to translate! The book also suggests other publications of theirs which allow further practice commensurate with your state of progress in the book. Teaching is gradual in this book and suddenly children realise they are reading music on a proper stave! Correlates page-by-page with the Lesson Books, but may also serve as an effective supplement to other piano methods. My teenage pupils also enjoy it and I like the ear training book and find that excellent and also use it for younger pupils who want to take exams.

Use of dynamics and ultimately balance,with the more advanced pupil, can be introduced within the confines of this small, relatively cheap starting tutor. Accidentals, chord symbols, dotted rhythms and wrist staccato are also introduced through popular tunes and light classics. Because of this, the pieces are more musical and make playing a richer, more rewarding experience.Also taught is the understanding of how chords are formed. Instead of memorizing chords, students learn how to derive them regardless of what key they are playing in. Finally, the choice of song material is outstanding, with some popular and familiar favourites mixed with tuneful originals, all adding to the fun and enjoyment of making music.The student is encouraged to use the accompanying CD and playing along with these recordings is not only enjoyable, but is invaluable for reinforcing musical concepts such as rhythm, dynamics and phrasing.

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