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We have seen quite a bit of the BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen London series but the N-Series physical QWERTY keyboard model that is set to launch weeks after has yet to leak.
I am waitng for the blackberry device 10 N series to come out which has the query board too looks to be good.
Although physical keyboard phones might not be mainstream anymore, sometimes ita€™s hard to beat the feel of real keys under your fingertips. Youa€™ll be hard pressed to find a more modern QWERTY handset that offers such a complete Android experience, although there are a few older devices which still punch above their weight.
Motorolaa€™s Droid 4 is the go-to Android device if youa€™re in the market for a physical keyboard.
Although the Droid 4 may be the most well-known QWERTY Motorola handset, the Photon Q is really an upgrade in most respects. Although the Photo Q was released all the way back in August 2012 ita€™s still a decent little handset with sufficient hardware and software to offer a full Android experience.
If you can continue to play the waiting game, Motorolaa€™s rumoured Droid 5 could just be worth holding out for. Do you still pine for the old days of physical keyboards, or should this older technology be put to rest?
Yeah I like how Samsung makes a Galaxy S4, an S4 Active, an S4 Mini, and S4 GPE, and an S4 Zoom.
If QWERTY keyboards are so (supposedly) popular, then why don’t we see any with flagship specs? Perhaps they are not as popular because they stopped releasing them with flagship specs or promoting the phones.
I would pay for a phone that is in BB Bold chassis and runs on Android or iOS or Windows Phone. I value privacy, quality, reliability, a phone less likely to be hacked or vulnerable to malware, and sells for a reasonable price, so after checking options, I decided to try a Z10. I get so enraged when I see the all-to-scarce release if a new QWERTY slider with all-too-common sub-standard specs!
On a side note: the whole situation kind of makes me wish there was just a phone case (like those protective ones) for a super powerful phone, that just had it’s own slide out bluetooth keyboard, you know? Earlier qwerty keyboards were a rage as they helped users to type messages swiftly and efficiently. Aqua Qwerty has a 5 MP rear shooter and a 0.3 MP front cam capable of only basic video calling.

Nokia Asha 210 being an entry level phone just manages a 2 MP camera at its rear and has no rear camera.
Blackberry Q5 sports a 5 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera with a touch focus and image stabilization. To stay updated you can get free email updates or follow us on twitter or like us on facebook. A step away from the market leading Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has added to its range of Galaxy branded handsets officially unveiling the full QWERTY touting Samsung Galaxy Chat. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
Blackberry may still be the default choice for many, but Android has a few of its own gems too. The LG Enact aims to strike a balance between mid-range hardware and latest Android features, without breaking the bank. The Droid 4 may be a little older than LGa€™s Enact, but it is still a very strong contender. However, the older Texas Instruments processor is starting to show its age and Ice Cream Sandwich means that youa€™ll miss out on some of the latest Android features. Although the LG Mach is just over a year old ita€™s still a handset that offers some the best value for money.
Whilst its cameras wona€™t be winning any awards, the rest of the hardware is comparable to many of the best QWERTY Android handsets, whilst offering a significant financial saving. The device has been leaked a few times already, and the rumoured hardware puts the handset somewhere above the aging Motorola Photon Q, but with a few unique features such as wireless charging and NFC.
Release seem a little more certain for LG’s Optimus F3Q, with a leaked date of January 22nd spotted on a T-Mobile calendar. There are some die-hard people of QWERTY physical keyboards, but most people do not like them, so that is why they do no have flagship specs, as a manufacturer would not want to have a flagship phone with a physical keyboard.
With my Samsung Captivate Glide going out of date, I decided to give BlackBerry a try because of its supposed Android compatibility. Give me a Galaxy Note 3 with an all aluminum chasis and the best QWERTY slide-out keyboard ever built, and I will gladly pay $2K for it! But with advancement in technology the touchscreen’s response improved and they finally killed the physical keyboard. Targeting a younger, more entry level market than its S3 sibling, the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Chat plays host to an input enhancing physical QWERTY keyboard, an inclusion that will assist in rapid social network updates and instant messages.

You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. As we saw in the previous video this has a straight instead of curved design which is a change from what we have seen from RIM in current devices.
Sadly there are few great QWERTY Android handsets released very often, but herea€™s a collection of the best handsets, old and new. The biggest selling points for the Enact are its large 2460mAh battery, offering over 11 hours of talk time, and ita€™s more modern GPU for a little extra performance.
The only real downside compared to the Droid 4 is that the Photon Q has slightly less inbuilt storage, but thata€™s not much of an issue thanks to the inclusion of a MicroSD slot. The LG Mach can be found for a lot cheaper than the Photon Q and LG Enact, but that does mean that the hardware is cut down in places. The Droid 5 will also supposedly sport a larger screen than the Droid 4, from 4 inches with a 540 x 960 resolution to a 4.3 inch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280. Though it is a shame that the phone with the QWERTY keyboards do not have as good specs, it is a good thing that they are still being made. Give me a premium Galaxy S5 with an amazing slide-out keyboard or an LG G2 with a slide-out keyboard and I will pay $1,500 with a smile. LG Optimus Pro C660 runs on a Qualcomm MSM7227T processor clocked at 800 Mhz backed by 256 MB RAM.
Sadly the Droid 5 is said to lose the dust and water resistance that made the Droid 4 so popular. The Droid 5 actually looks like a pretty good phone, though I am not a big fan of the Adreno 255. Give me an LG Optimus Q with watered down specs or a Galaxy S Relay with 2011 specs and I will give you the finger. Blackberry 9220 has a touch sensitive optical track pad which helps to browse web pages with ultra-smoothness.
A dedicated button also offers instant access to Samsung’s BBM-esque ChatON messaging service.
Samsung Galaxy Chat Release Date and Price Set to be rolled out across Europe later this month with further markets to follow, a confirmed Samsung Galaxy Chat UK price has yet to be confirmed.

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