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When most people think of design they think of using a mouse (or pen if you’re really cool) to move elements on the screen to bring your dream to life.
About 30% of all my input and commands into Photoshop come from the keyboard rather than the mouse. I could write a giant list of thousands of keyboard shortcuts, but then you wouldn’t know which ones are actually useful.
This is really two keyboard shortcuts in one, so you can do them separately, but together they make the longest shortcut I know, so I just have to include it. Let’s say you created a texture, but you only want to apply it to a part of your image.
Next time, instead of messing with the opacity slider to fade out a layer (which requires using the mouse), use your number keys instead. When designing a complicated website or app interface you are going to end up with a ton of layers. Instead I press Option + Delete (backspace) to fill an area with my foreground color or Control + Delete to fill with my background color. This list was meant to just get you started (and to get you thinking about how to use your non-mouse hand more frequently). If you go to Edit > Keyboard shortcuts (or press Cmd + Shift + Option + K) you can create your own set of shortcuts and change anything you like.
Keep in mind, some things can’t be done with keyboard shortcuts directly, but you can record an action instead.
If you like this and want to learn more design, I’ve got a great course just for you coming out next Tuesday.
I enjoy a lot of the content lately both on the blog and int he mailing list, though I think we should be careful as creative professionals in furthering the misconception that knowing how to use Photoshop makes you a designer. In other words, new designers do 99% of their work with just their dominant hand on the mouse.

That means my left hand is constantly in use for switching between tools, modifying the function of the active tool, or just doing commands that would otherwise take a bunch of steps.
Let’s dissect this one to give you an idea of how keyboard shortcuts are created in Photoshop. You could mask or erase away the part you want to hide, or instead you could just clip it to a layer that has the right shape.
When your move tool is selected pressing 1 will set the opacity at 10%, 2 at 20%, and so on. Use layer groups to organize layers and keep all the different sections of your design straight. Anytime you find yourself performing an action a few times in a row or reaching for a common tool, I want you to stop and hover your cursor over it. If you look for them, the Photoshop interface will tell you the shortcut for just about everything. Just be careful not to accidentally overwrite existing shortcuts (Photoshop will warn you first).
You just click to create a new action, hit record do the thing you want to automate (like click the checkbox) and then click stop. It’s called Photoshop for Web Design and teaches exactly what you need to know in Photoshop. These are some great shortcuts… now I just have to force myself to get used to using them haha. I also discovered in trying your tips that holing down OPTION while dragging a layer will create a duplicate copy (just like your CMD+J) tip.
If you have a favorite — or you’ve created one that is particularly clever — post a comment below. When combined with Cmd and Option it creates a flattened version of your entire document on a single layer.

You could drag a layer down to the new layer button, but it’s far quicker to just hit Cmd + J and duplicate the layer or group. Cmd + G will create a new group and if you have layers selected at the time, it will place the layers inside your new group.
Just running down the list of tools and memorizing the key for each one will save you a ton of time. That will bring up the last filter, but will also show you the options dialog so you can make changes before running it again.
You can then assign a keyboard shortcut using Cmd, shift, and any of the function keys (like f1). I cut straight to web and interface design techniques that will save you time and skip over everything that doesn’t apply.
A lot of times I will also create my own action sets to help speed up jobs that involve a lot of similar production work. It’s a 4-page PDF compiled by Marijan Tompa, full of useful shortcuts for both Mac and Windows users.
Unfortunately this also throws up the new layer dialog, which I never use. So by adding the option key in there as well you can suppress that dialog and skip a step. This is handy for when you want to create a preview or selection of your design or for exporting shapes for the web.

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