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The Print Ad titled MOZART was done by Lg&f advertising agency for brand: Klara in Belgium. If your character lived in the 21stcentury, would she think or act differently than she does in the opera?
Marcellina in Lyric’s The Marriage of Figaro is played by Katharine Goeldner, pictured here with Brindley Sherratt in the role of Bartolo (c. I would say that the Countess is a woman in love with a husband who loves her, but cannot stay faithful. Susanna is very practical, wise beyond her years, and totally has Figaro wrapped around her little finger.
I have sung and seen a LOT of Mozart (I live in Salzburg, his home town), and I would say that the women in Figaro are some of Mozart’s best-defined, most complex characters. Amanda Majeski returns to Lyric Opera of Chicago to perform the role of the Countess in The Marriage of Figaro (c.
For more information about the artists above, visit their websites: Barbara Gaines, Christiane Karg, Katharine Goeldner, Amanda Majeski.

Din 1990, artistul a prezentat alaturi de ansamblu sute de concerte cu un repertoriu variat, de la lucrari preclasice la creatie contemporana. But Susanna, the Countess, Marcellina, and the other ladies of Figaro still live in a man’s world.
The Marcellina Barbara and I have developed is very 21st century – it’s not completely unbelievable that this “modern” Marcellina would think she could marry a man, let’s say…15 years younger than she is. How better to learn about these fascinating female characters than from the women behind Lyric Opera of Chicago’s new production of Mozart’s masterwork? I spoke with Barbara Gaines, the stage director, as well as the opera’s leading ladies to learn what makes the women of Figaro so fantastic. They are depicted in the show curtain at the top of the opera, and in statuary on stage in Acts III and IV. I don’t think we are even that different than in past centuries. Language and expressions may change. They control the scene: knowing how to escape, how to deal with things, what to hide and what to show.
And it is conceivable that a young girl would give up her child and not recognize him years later – hence the surprise in the 3rd act.

That sadness, that longing for the early days of their love when she was the one he worshiped and gave all his attention to…that sadness is what gives her two arias their heart-wrenching color. They experience love, feel heartache, share experiences with each other, are fun, funny and witty! Dintre cele 41 de simfonii pe care le-a compus Amadeus, în concertul Orchestrei de Camera Radio ve?i ascultaSimfonia nr.
And she has that problem of being a “somewhat” older woman trying too hard to look younger than she is.
They are also incredibly intelligent and really hold the upper hand throughout most of the opera.

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