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Despite having a smaller screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is 3 percent longer than the Galaxy Note 4. The iPhone 6 Plus isn't as thin as its little brother, the iPhone 6, but it is still 13 percent thinner than the Note 4.
The iPhone 6 Plus is unquestionably a phablet, but its screen size hasn't quite caught up with Samsung's. This is the first 1080p iPhone, and it should look noticeably sharper than the 750p iPhone 6. The iPhone's 1080p is going to be more than sharp enough for most people, but my eyes do enjoy the insane pixel density that you get from Quad HD displays. Samsung says that this newest S Pen has double the pressure sensitivity of the one we saw in the Note 3. While services like Google Wallet and Soft Card (formerly Isis) have been trying to establish NFC-based tap-and-pay payments for years, to say they haven't set the world on fire would be a vast understatement. So while Apple Pay is hardly the first player in the NFC payments game, it could be the first to take off.
We'll have to put these two through the paces before we have much to say about their respective uptimes. Here's another category where we'll need to wait for some hands-on time before we say much of anything. Apart from size and number of pixels, this is one of the few differences between the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus. It's a little surprising that Apple didn't add a side-by-side multitasking mode to the large-screen iPhone 6 Plus.
Samsung's Multi Window is a handy feature, and it should be a bit easier to remember now that it's tied to the Note's Recent Apps button. On the iPhone, Apple lets you slide the top of the screen down to the bottom by double-tapping the home button.
Storage options are mixed, with the iPhone starting lower, but maxing out with a more spacious 128 GB option. It's too early to have much to say about the new iPhones' A8 chip, but it goes up against the zippy Snapdragon 805.
The LTE version of the Note 4 gets the Snapdragon 805 listed above, but the HSPA version will have an octa-core Samsung Exynos CPU in its place. We don't yet know how much RAM is in the iPhone 6 Plus, but it will almost certainly be either 1 GB or 2 GB. There are other smartwatches that are compatible with each platform, but these are the most popular choices.

A recent iPhone, like the 6 Plus, will be required for using the upcoming Apple Watch, while Android handsets like the Note 4 are needed to pair with Android Wear watches (like the Moto 360). We don't yet know what the Note's full retail price will be, but I'd bet on it starting at the same US$700 that we saw for the last two Galaxy Notes. The Note's on-contract price (more common in the US) is also a mystery, but I'd be surprised if it didn't hit the same $300 starting price as the iPhone 6 Plus. These are almost guaranteed to be the two most popular phablets this shopping season, and we'll have much more to come. Samsung will frustrate some people with the Galaxy Note 2 US release date – the version showed at UNPACKED 2012 will be for Asia, the UK and rest of Europe.
We have included a few of the official Galaxy Note 2 press pictures below this article, so take a look and let us know if you like what you see, and will you be one of the first to own the new phablet. Do you want the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 less or more now that you have seen all the official specs and photos?
Would be interesting to find out, what type of MHL connector does Note2 have: the same as in Note or compatible with S3? Aby zapewnic najwyzsza jakosc uslug wykorzystujemy informacje przechowywane w przegladarce internetowej.
Oryginalne etui S-View Cover od Samsunga to idealne rozwiazanie do ochrony Samsung Galaxy Note 4, bo kto zadba lepiej o Twoj telefon jak nie jego producent?
Pokrowiec otwierany jest jak ksiazka, a montowany jest na telefonie zamiast oryginalnej klapki baterii – dzieki temu zachowuje naturalne rozmiary telefonu. Okienko S-view umozliwia korzystanie z wielu funkcji telefonu bez potrzeby otwierania futeralu (odbieranie sms, stan baterii, muzyka, podglad dzwoniacej osoby itp). Twoj inteligentny smartfon sam rozpozna kolor etui i dopasuje kolor wyswietlanego tla w okienku S-View do koloru pokrowca, a jesli kolor Ci nie bedzie odpowiadal, mozesz go zmienic w ustawieniach telefonu. Dzieki klapce w futerale chroniony jest rowniez wyswietlacz telefonu, wiec masz zapewniona niemal pelna ochrone. The iPhone 6 Plus has a smooth aluminum unibody build, taking some design cues from the latest (two-year-old) iPod touch.
Though you can swipe and tap the Note's screen with your finger, the Galaxy Note experience centers around Samsung's stylus, the S Pen. The popularity of the iPhone combined with some clever marketing and leverage with retailers could be the secret sauce that the technology has been missing. Ultra Power Saving Mode can prevent your Note 4 from running out of juice when things are getting tight. It does look like the Note 4's rear camera use a similar (if not the same) sensor to the one we saw in the Galaxy S5, though, so it should be quite good.

This larger model has Optical Image Stabilization, to help cut down on the effects of shaky hands.
The iPhone can use third-party apps that achieve a similar (though less elegant and, likely, less accurate) end by using the phone's camera and flash. With all of that screen, you can lose the ability to reach everything while using the device with one hand. This ignores the issue of typing with one hand, but it should help out in most other cases. The Note 4 runs Android 4.4 KitKat at its core, with Samsung's TouchWiz UI sitting between you and it. In the meantime, you can delve into our full reviews of the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Now that we know the Galaxy Note 2 specs it is easy to compare them to the first-generation phablet, and see how much better the sequel is and what has improved. Both the front and rear cameras are pretty much stayed the same, although we know a few of our readers will be happy to hear that the Internal storage has an increased option of 64GB with the same size supported with microSD as well. I have been looking at the note through vids and reviews but the new note II looks amazing outside and in! Producent nie zapomnial o wszystkich niezbednych wycieciach na aparat, ladowarke, czy glosnik i mikrofon, wiec telefon nie straci swojej funkcjonalnosci. Let's see how the larger of those two, the iPhone 6 Plus, compares to its most obvious rival, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung's sensor requires you to swipe your finger and, at least on the Galaxy S5, I often have to do it a couple times before it registers. It basically turns your device into a multitouch feature phone, with only the bare essential apps and services available, but can stretch 10 percent juice into 24 hours of battery life. You can read exactly what Samsung said about the US launch in the quote below, but seasoned Samsung smartphone owners know to expect a later release date in the US. This would be so useful with my everyday life and I would totally trade my phone, tablet, and pen and paper (haha) for this device.

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