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We ship to most of the countries in North and South America, Europe, Australia and some countries in Asia and Africa.
Most of our buyers are from from USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark,France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Spain and UK. Nord Pedal Keys 27 bass key MIDI pedalboard is not only designed for use with Nord's C2 digital organ but it comes equipped with an integrated swell pedal and is built of sturdy aluminum. Kurzweil KORE 64 ROM expansion adds over 300 programs to your PC3 or PC3K keyboard including synths, electric guitars, horns, drums and percussion.

Roland RPU-3 gives you a real grand piano pedaling experience, just combining three pedals into one convenient and clutter-free unit. Ultimate Support APEX AX-48 Pro Plus bundle includes includes Ultimate Support AX-48 Pro (Black), AX-48 Pro Mic Boom, and AX-48 Pro Tote bag. Yamaha L7S stand is perfect for Yamaha Tyros keyboards, and has strong legs to support the keyboard securely and reliably. Share your thoughts with other customers on Nord Pedal Keys 27 Organ Bass Key MIDI Pedalboard.

The PK27's 27 keys are over a foot long each, to give you enough length for proper toe-heel playing technique. This MIDI pedalboard sports a MIDI output port and connects to Nord's C2 digital organ's "Bass Pedal MIDI Input" with a single MIDI cable.

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