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Mouse and Keyboard Recorder e un software che ha lo scopo di registrare tutte le azioni compiute dal mouse e dalla testiera. Mettiamo il caso di registrare una sequenza (Si apre un browser, si digita un indirizzo web e si mette una password), tale azione dopo essere stata registrata puo essere ripetuta in qualsiasi momento grazie al programma. You can choose to save the Macros and then choose different properties to auto type the text, like: speed of typing, number of times the text is to be repeated, typing case, typing format, and many more such options. The hotkey can also be set to disable the accelerator.Finally, it can be saved as TXT, HTML, C, ASP, AU3, JS, PHP, and many more available formats.

You can save the record and put it to use any time when required.In order to play the same steps again and again, choose the repeat option, repeat duration, and set the repeat speed settings. You can also edit the text, and delete it.Clicking on the hotkeys assigned lets you start and stop the text typing.
You can also add the message rate here.Click on the Start button, or press F12 button, and browse to the program where you want the text to be typed. After you are done, click the stop button press F12 button to stop the script.You can also choose the option to add, edit, or delete the message.

You can also set event comment, and also remove entries.Advanced options tab lets you choose the option to set the repeat times of the playing script, and also choose the script playing speed.
Here is the official description for Axife Mouse Recorder:BSEditor: Do you have repetitive tasks to accomplish with your keyboard and your mouse?

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