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FIND OUT MOREDismissUnsupported browserThis site was designed for modern browsers and tested with Internet Explorer version 10 and later. In this guide, I'll show you some alternatives to Apple's own accessories for your Mac, saving you money as well as increasing your productivity using accessories that you may never have considered before. Apple's keyboards have generated polarising opinions over the years, evenly splitting users between claims that they're the best - and worst - keyboards you can buy. Apple currently offers two keyboards, a compact Bluetooth wireless keyboard or a larger wired keyboard. Apple offers two keyboards, a wired keyboard with numeric keyboard or the more common wireless (Bluetooth) compact keyboard. Apple's wireless keyboard operates via Bluetooth and its small design is made possible by the omission of the numeric keypad.
While Apple's wireless keyboard is frugal on power, it does require a set of AA batteries to be occasionally changed.
Logitech have been making keyboards for the Mac for some time and their equivalent keyboard, the K811, will also use the built-in Bluetooth function of your Mac.
Logitech's K811 keyboard is a suitable alternative to Apple's own wireless offering, providing Bluetooth connectivity but with some additional features not found on the Apple model. Additionally, the K811 is backlit, similar to the MacBook range of portable Macs, making it great for using in dim light and something that the Apple keyboard doesn't do. Those looking for a keyboard that doesn't need to rely on charging up or need to have a built-in numeric keypad can make use of another logitech keyboard, the K750.
The Logitech K750 may still be wireless but its solar panel provides almost unlimited charging. It is actually wireless, so it needs power, but it features a built-in solar panel for this and requires no change of batteries or wired connection to charge. Similar to the Apple wired keyboard, it does require a single USB port as it relies upon the use of a USB receiver.
Microsoft's ergonomic keyboards are highly praised but aren't available in Mac configurations, but that doesn't mean we can't use them. For recent Windows-to-Mac switchers, who may prefer to use their existing keyboards, you can easily adapt a PC keyboard for the Mac with no special software. This feature has been included Mac OS X for some time specifically to aid switchers who have great keyboards but don't want to throw them out simply because they switched from Windows to Mac. Mac OS X has always been able to allow the Modifier keys to be customised so that they can be tailored to each user, if required. Apple's own mice range hasn't been as highly praised as their keyboards and users often lament the poor ergonomics or relatively few features for such an expensive device. Unlike keyboards, which can be more "Mac-like" with their unique keys, mice have no such requirements which means you're in a much better position to pick from almost any range that you feel would be best.
In addition to a mouse, Apple also offers a desktop equivalent of their portable Mac's trackpad called Magic Trackpad.
Some popular mice include many additional function buttons that can be customised beyond what Mac OS X can do. I've mentioned before about Logitech using USB receivers for some of their Keyboard for Mac range. When looking at alternative input devices, try and match up the brand where possible so that you can take advantage of this feature so your USB ports aren't being needlessly wasted on just to use a USB receiver. By knowing about the alternatives to Apple's own accessories, you can find more ergonomic mice that are designed to the contours of your hand to can reduce the possibility of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) as much as possible.
I've never enjoyed using a mouse and I actually use a trackball day to day, something Apple doesn't manufacture.
I've been a trackball user for years and I've never had any problems using one with the Mac.
While trackpads for the Mac aren't particularly common, Logitech has since joined Apple in options for the Mac with their Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac, a rechargeable trackpad that works in the same way as Apple's own device.
Just because you're using a non-Apple mouse doesn't mean you lose some of the functionality it offers. Certain multi-button devices may require additional software, such as Logitech or Microsoft mice, in order to get the most from them and use some of the additional features they provide, but it isn't always required. Mission Control lets you assign additional mouse buttons to common shortcuts, such as show or hide the Dashboard. Should you want to use a mouse that isn't specifically Mac-supported, the manufacturer makes terrible software or you want to do more than just open Dashboard, there are apps such as USB Overdrive, a 3rd-party tool that can manage and configure almost any USB and Bluetooth input device better than most drivers. Going further than Mac OS X's built-in support, you can assign functions that will let those extra buttons open apps, perform double-clicks or even adjust the volume. Tip: Check out our tutorial Using Third Party Keyboards and Mice with Your Mac for further information. When it comes to looking for an alternative display, you'll not find anything quite as beautiful as Apple's offering. The Dell U2713HM may not be the most attractive display in the world, nor the best named, but it's a great alternative to the Thunderbolt Display and is considerably cheaper. Monoprice is well-known for its cheap cables and accessories, and their display, the 27" Glass Panel Pro, although lacking many of the additional connections of Apple's Thunderbolt display, is less than half the price.
It might look even worse than the Dell, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper with a display panel that is just as good. All displays are made equal, Apple's are just made more equal than others with features that are more attuned to Mac users.

As the entire Mac range (with the exception of the outgoing Mac Pro) features Thunderbolt, there are a number of displays that can be used with them via the use of a display adapter.
The Mac mini also includes a HDMI port as standard so this can even eliminate the need for an adapter if your newly-chosen display offers a HDMI connection. Despite my advice regarding looking at alternative options when it comes to input devices and displays, there is one area where you should always stick with Apple's accessories - power adapters and batteries. Unlike Thunderbolt, USB and Bluetooth, Apple's MagSafe connection is 100% proprietary and isn't licensed for other companies to use.
The result is something that won't be guaranteed and has the potential to not only damage your Mac but cause injury. By spending a little time researching alternatives to some of Apple's accessories, you'll likely find accessories that are a better fit for the purpose you require them for and at a substantial saving. While Apple certainly makes some great accessories for the Mac, you don't necessarily have to opt for them and, in the case of the Magic Mouse especially, there are much better (and cheaper) alternatives out there.
Learning how to copy and paste on Mac OS X using keyboard shortcuts is something that will surely save you time and increase your productivity when working on your Mac OS X computer. That means that, in order to copy something on a Mac computer, the user must highlighted the desired text and press command + C. Also remember that files and folders can be copied and pasted as well – not just text and images. If you memorize the keyboard shortcut for copy and paste on Mac OS X, regardless of the task you are trying to complete using your computer, you will definitely save some time! As always, if you find this video helpful, I would really appreciate a thumbs up and you may also want to think about subscribing to my YouTube channel. Anson specializes in providing software and technology tutorials in both print and video format. Anson has a degree in International Business and Information Systems from the University of Tampa and also enjoys enjoys traveling and gaming.
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Xcode is a suite of tools, developed by Apple, for developing software for Mac OS X and iOS. This article seeks to explain what an Apple Keyboard is and what the differences between that and a normal PC keyboard are.
I really don't think you can read articles on the computer keyboard and don't actually mentioning the Mac keyboard. This type of keyboard is very popular amongst Mac users and even some PC users prefer to use keyboard made by Apple. One of the main difference between the normal keyboard and the Mac keyboard is to do with the keys of the Apple keyboard. The Command key, often containing a square symbol, with curves and usually the apple symbol, in commmon applications, such as word processing is equivalent to the Windows Control Key. The option keys (alt keys on Windows) are located right next to the space bar on a Windows keyboard, while on a Mac keyboard the command key is found right next to the space bar. As you can see the Apple Keyboard is very similar to a normal keyboard, however there are a few differences.
I hope this article has proved to be helpful to you and your understanding of the computer.
I just found a place in preferences where you can turn that off and make things the way they used to be.
By turning off Mission Control keyboard shortcuts, it defaults back to the very original behavior.
Haven’t looked at the keyboard yet, or checked to see if one of the keys acts like the eject. I have a Superdrive and am not able to eject the disk either using Command-E or the power button–when I press the power button, I just get the options to go to sleep, restart, or shut down.
There are some strange anomalies here in that F14 and F15 are mentioned (they don’t exist on my keyboard) and cmd + space (which used to connect Spotlight) now switches between languages. When I first create short cut it works right away on a spreadsheet page, but once a new session or page comes up it stops working then I must insert manually. Two useful combinations are shift+command+d and shift+command+u in the Finder for navigating directly to the desktop and the Utilities folder. It can even be paired with up to three different devices and switching between them is a touch of a button, unlike the Apple keyboard which would require consistently pairing every time you wanted to change device. Furthermore, the K811 includes a USB port and built-in rechargeable battery so you can keep it running indefinitely, no need to keep a supply of AA batteries handy. These adapters are low-profile and, although they require the use of a USB port, they offer a great amount of reliability and range than Bluetooth does.
It's a great device if you're someone who likes using the trackpad as it provides all the same multi-touch functions and touch capabilities in a larger trackpad for desktop users. There aren't that many manufacturers who offer Bluetooth mice, preferring their own USB receivers, though companies such as Belkin and Microsoft do offer Bluetooth devices that you can use.
I don't think that any of Apple's mice have been particularly ergonomic and the Magic Mouse, in particular, becomes painful for me to use for longer than a few minutes. You'll find that Mac OS X can detect all of the buttons that a mouse or trackball contains and lets you assign them functions through the Mission Control preference pane. This behemoth of a display boasts a range of features, such as built-in USB ports, speakers and FaceTime camera, in a design that closely resembles the iMac.

If you're willing to go for something a little more conventional, however, you can save yourself a lot of money and still end up with a display of equal quality. The Dell U2713HM is a 27" display that offers the same resolution as the Thunderbolt Display but with a faster response time. There is no Thunderbolt passthrough so if you're planning to use this with other Thunderbolt devices, make sure this is at the end of your Thunderbolt chain. Companies such as Amazon and Monoprice will offer their own branded cables and adapters that can be found for much less.
While I'm very much a Mac user, I use a Logitech keyboard and trackball, as well as an AOC display.
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The main difference is that on a Windows computer, the CTRL key is used and on a Mac computer, the command key is used. To paste the copied text or item, the user then needs to navigate to the location where they would like the text or item and press command + P.
The keys that are different basically perform the same operations as the Windows keys but are called something different. The majority of the keys are placed in the same or similar places, but there are a few noticable differences.
There are Mission Control shortcuts, Finder shortcuts, system shortcuts, application shortcuts and more. Here they all are on a single PDF page, downloadable and printable: The MacMost Lion Power User Keyboard Shortcuts. I really would like to be able to create this particular short cut because it’s an item I use often. If so, I’ve noticed that sometimes you have to use it once from the menu, and then the shortcut works again. I am seeing a couple other glitches with Office under Lion so I may try reinstalling Office. The solution is to double-click on the app icon in dock and then under option assign to all desktops.
I find that a lot of the time when someone else asks for assistance on their computer it involves Disk Utility, Activity Monitor, Terminal, or even Keychain Access to find some Mail password etc.
Just checked again and in Pages Command+Up and Command+Down take you to the start or end of the document. In fact, any Bluetooth or USB keyboard will work though, for the best experience, a Mac-orientated keyboard is best. There are certain devices that can be purchased that add this functionality by way of an additional device, such as the Belkin YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad, these are very costly and it can be more cost effective to simply replace the Apple keyboard completely. If the battery starts to run down, simply connect it via USB and it (temporarily) becomes a wired keyboard. This provides all the benefits of a wired keyboard with the advantage of being completely wireless. We can easily correct this in System Preferences as Mac OS X includes the option to alter the Modifier Keys, such as Command and Alt.
If you were to use a Logitech keyboard and mouse together, you can just use one receiver for both devices.
Most mice and trackballs have more buttons that you can program using the device-specific software. It's one of the best displays on the market, but you certainly pay for the privilege of the Apple logo and, at $999, it's going to be out of many people's price range. There's also no built-in camera, ethernet or audio, but at over $300 less, it's a considerable saving. These types of adapters and batteries are copies where an attempt has been made to reverse-engineer what Apple has been able to produce.
So it is even easier for Air users, just press that button and you get all the power options. In fact, there are many other companies that manufacture some great accessories for your Mac, from keyboards and mice to cables and adapters. There are a number of companies that manufacturer keyboards specifically for the Mac and each of them have their own advantages and features that may make them a better choice than an Apple keyboard. Just because you're buying a Mac mini doesn't mean you need to buy Apple's expensive display as well. Strange i know – as by the looks of it, it seems as though SELECTING it would make more sense to make it work the way we want it to work. Some of these are not only cheaper, they're far more versatile and feature-packed than Apple's offerings.
Control+Arrow moved the curser to the start or end of a line – not one work as Option+Arrow does.
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