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In the last few years many tools and techniques have been developed to help us visualize songs, music and sounds. One of the most common examples of software for sound visualization is the one used in media players. Below each image there’s the name of the tool or technique, some great video examples, and a link to the author’s site. If you know other great tools or videos of music visualization, please leave a comment below or via email. Old McDonald Had a Farm - Farmony PlayNSimple practice video is a hit with students everywhere.
Wake Me When September Ends - Geri's Game PlayNSimple practice video is popular with advanced and beginning students as well. Students learn to practice with a weekly checklist in this class while learning the essentials of piano music on a Yamaha Portable Grand piano. Students watch the music on the screen and keep their fingers focused on the keys while learning, practicing and playing. The PlayNSimple excursion video series"Catch the Rhythma€? inspire students to play in unison and help them find their way around the keyboard. Cello Wars - Piano Guys This marching rhythm pokes at you with the minor sound that keeps you moving to the major.

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Some can be used in real time, while others need to do some number-crunching while analyzing each song. The class is divided into practice sessions, working on Essentials and performing with the Ensemble.
These practice repetition videos keep the a€?how toa€™sa€? of reading music, theory, technique and expression fun. Your little Mozart will learn how to play by ear, enhance musical vocabulary and fine tune finger exercises.A Kids will have fun singing, listening and learning the music process while following along with captivating videos.
Carolyn and her students learn, play and perform with Yamaha Portable Grand Pianos and other keyboards, smart phones, and tablets like Apple's iPad Piano teachers prefer pianos with Graded Hammer Action because it strengthens studenta€™s fingers. These videos keep the students attention away from watching their hands while locating the groups of black keys and playing to marching and swing rhythms. This shows the major and minor part of a C chord, the staccato and legato musical articulation by playing quarter notes short and detached and whole notes longer and held. Some of the examples in this article are not only fascinating, but really stir the “artistic” soul! I really liked the idea of learning music through a combination of visual elements as well as an audio ones.

Watch this PlayNsimple practice video and learn chord structures spanning across three skill levels. Children learn to play rhythm instruments, hand bells, and keyboards made for little hands and feet. Students who continue on with instruction complete this four book course in six to twelve months. Synthesia responds to tones from the keyboard or singing while showing progress with positive feedback.
They enjoy working at their own pace and playing in a group while building their confidence with each song.
Students who continue on with instruction complete this four book course in eight to twelve months. Carolyn teaches students how to practice with level arms and curved fingers while strengthening muscle memory playing the repeating patterns.

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